Friday, November 28, 2014

Another 1200 plus entries to the Probate Index and more to come

I submitted another 1200 plus entries to the Probate Index with another 250 thus far. I will finish with this next block of wills. There are about 35 wills left to index which brings me up to date.

I rather think that I will continue with working on family trees for these Blake families for whom I have so much probate material along with online Parish Records and Census. I think that is the greatest value to my Blake study.

I also want to get back to working on the trees for the Pincombe family to see if I can verify all of that information collected by the early Pincombe study at the Guild. The frustration of the yDNA results will just have to sit in the background for a while until I have enough testers in the Pincombe families to really triangulate the results. There are two different haplogroups in the Pinkham family thus far.

Now that I have been away from my dedicated work on the Blake family these past couple of years I am looking at it with a slightly different perspective. This also results from the formation of The Surname Society where I have a number of my 3x great grandparent lines entered as research studies. All of these lines interest me and I do not do world wide studies on The Surname Society. One can do either; which ever suits your purpose in genealogy.

So I am back to thinking of working on wills four of the seven days in a week for three week intervals and then the end of the month I will work on Tree Reconstruction (as well as on each Saturday). Monday is research on my 4x great grandparents and Wednesday is research on my grandchildren's 4x great grandparents.

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