Friday, November 7, 2014

Order of transcription

I have somewhat lost my train of thought in this past couple of months lost to transcription so believe that once I complete the remaining wills in Gloucestershire (Diocese of Bristol) and that is seven in number with the next being from 1615 for Valentine Blake, Clerk at Winchcomb. This will is likely to take me a couple of days to do, then I shall move on to Hertfordshire where there are five wills to do. I will then move on to Huntingdonshire and return to my alphabetical path through the Counties although Somerset and Wiltshire are already completed. I will leave the ones designed Location Miscellaneous as they are a number of locations outside of England and Wales including military. Some have been done for various reasons but most remain to be done and there are probably over 100 of them.

I will also continue the last week of every month plus Saturdays to work on Family Reconstruction and I am still working on Cornwall and will have to take a bit of time to reorient myself to the project.

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