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Parents of Christopher Buller - Brick Wall Number 3

Brick Wall Number 3: Parents of Christopher Buller

Christopher Buller is an enigma. There are so many Buller families in London and Surrey but he just doesn't pop out of any of them. There is even another Buller family at St Olave Bermondsey where he attends Church and I wonder is he related to this family. He buries his wife and two infant children at St Olave Bermondsey. The marriage of Christopher Buller and Mary Beard mentioned in the will of his father in law Henry Beard in 1795 can not be found. Somewhere hidden in a greater London Parish Register is that marriage and perhaps even Christopher's baptism. He died in 1832 at Bromley, Surrey in the hospital attached to that workhouse. He was described as a gentleman dying of decay. He was said to be 81 years of age giving him a year of birth of 1764. I know all of his children and many many of their descendants including my own 2x great grandfather Henry Christopher Buller another enigma although I know quite a bit about him.

The DNA testing that I have done on myself and my brother (my sister also did some testing) have pointed to a European connection mostly in my lines although we are primarily English. I have (as do my siblings) matches with people who live in Germany even yet. Was Christopher's mother German - this is the time of the Georges in England and many many people came from Germany to work in the confectionary industry in London. Henry Christopher Buller was a confectioner amongst other occupations/ownerships. Christopher though, himself, was a slop shop/slop cutter person (slop cutter in the early years mentioned on baptisms and slop shop person in later years. This is a maker of navy uniforms and he had his shop on Tooley Street which is just beside the dock area in Bermondsey and very near to present day London Bridge. Saint Olave Bermondsey Parish Church was close by.

I did some research at London Metropolitan Archives in the Parish Registers as one set is missing on Ancestry but no luck with finding Christopher there. I did not find any other material in their database on Christopher. Hence it continues to be one of my greater brick walls and has been since I first found Christopher back in 2004 in my early years of researching.

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