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Parents of Isaac Farmer - Brick Wall Number 2

Brick Wall Number 2: Parents of Isaac Farmer

Another mysterious individual is Isaac Farmer. He signed the marriage register with a well formed hand (along with his father in law Nathanael Lambden). Isaac Farmer and Elizabeth Lambden were married 16 Aug 1789 at Woodhouse, Andover, Hampshire. Isaac was buried 18 Mar 1808 and he was 44 years of age according to the burial register. There is a baptism 6 May 1764 at Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire (11 miles slightly north west of Andover) son of John Farmer. There is a John Farmer buried 15 Oct 1771 at Collingbourne Kingston (Isaac would have been just seven years of age and the individual isn't listed as the son of  John just a clear statement of burial usually attributed to an adult). Three sons were baptized by a John Farmer at Collingbourne Kingston - John 12 Dec 1756, Joseph 9 Sep 1759 and Isaac 6 May 1764. There is a burial for a Jacob Farmer son of John Farmer 14 Aug 1764.  The priest records Isaac as "of Andover" in his marriage lines.

There is a John Farmer married to Mary Holland 7 Jan 1755 at Whitchurch, Hampshire and he was 23 years of age and Mary 18 years. Whitchurch is just 7 miles east of Andover. Although one might think the surname Farmer is somewhat common looking at the Public Profiler it is most commonly found in the West Midlands and next in southern England. Almost 300 persons per million have the Farmer surname in England. It is the 612th most common name in England with Hampshire being amongst one of the top places for occurrence.

I need to check the apprenticeship records to see if I can learn more about this Farmer family at Collingbourne Kingston as they do not appear in the land records there.

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