Sunday, November 23, 2014

Probate Index of Blake Wills

I have over the past couple of years contributed 4057 line entries to the Probate Index at the Guild of One Name Studies. Time has moved too quickly this past year and I am still back in early December 2013 preparing the probate index which I submit. I am up to 403 lines once again and usually submit around 500 lines at a time. There are probably another two sets of 500 still to do. I decided this would be a good method of getting back into my research into the Blake family. Three months away has blurred the work that I was doing but on the other hand does give me a fresh perspective.

Doing our 2nd google hangout for The Surname Society brought to mind once again how I maintain all this information I am busily collecting. Reminding me that I had not submitted anything to the Probate Index for a very very long time. This is one of the perks of membership in the Guild of One Name Studies.

I have also transcribed a number of other interesting documents besides wills and I am contemplating doing a name index including the reference to the document, where it is located and a short summary of what is in the document. That is really the way forward in genealogy for all of us for people to prepare indexes of the material that  they have collected/transcribed. How to store such indexes is a mystery though that needs to be investigated.

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