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Administration of William Blake of Prestbury, Gloucestershire - Diocese of Bristol Wills on Ancestry, probated 20 Apr 1706

Will for William Blake of Presbury and mentioned the administrator is his wife Margaret Blake and Henry Hathaway. William was a yeoman. Also mentioned is his Grandson William Blake as administrator.

There isn’t a marriage at Prestbury for a William and Margaret Blake in this time frame:
A longer look at the Blake families in Prestbury when I am doing reconstruction.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 14 Feb 2015
Source: Ancestry – Diocese of Bristol Wills
Testator:  William Blake
Place: Prestbury, Gloucestershire, England
Type of Record: Probate
Date of document: 15 Apr 1706, probated 20 Apr 1706
Condition: 18th century English, legible copy

1 Noverint universi per p[re]sentes nos Will[ia]m Blake de Presbury in
2 Coun Glouc yeoma[n] Margaretem Blake de ead[em] wid and Henricum
3 Hathaway de Civit Glouc yeoma[n]
4 teneri et firmiter obligari rendo in depo pre et duo dno Edw
5 permisene dia Glouc Epo[m] Qungentij
6 libris bone et legalis monete Angliae solvendis eisdem duo Epo aut
7 suo certo Attornat Executor vel Administrator suis ad quam quidem solutionem bene
8 et fideliter faciendam Obligamus nos et quemlibet no[str]um per se pro toto et in solidum
9 Here[de]s Executor et Administrator n[ost]ros et cujuslibet n[ost]rum firmiter per presents
10 sigillis no[str]is sigillatas Dat quinto die mensis Aprilis
11 Annoque Regni duo ura Anne
12 dei gracia Angliae Scotice Francice et Hibernie Regis  fidei defenser
13 etc Quinto Annoque d[omi]ni 1706
14 The Condic[i]on of this Obligacon is such that if the abovebound William Blake
15 Grand Son and Administrator of all and singuler the goods ch[at]ells
16 and credits of William Blake late of Prestbury above s[ai]d deceased
17 doe make or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods
18 chattels and credits of the said deceased which have or shall come to the hands pos[sess]ion
19 or knowledge of him the said William Blake above bound or
20 into the hands and possession of any person or persons for him and the same so
21 made doe exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the Registry of Glouc
22 at or before the last day of May next
23 ensuing And the same goods chattels and credits and all other the goods chattels and credits
24 of the said deceased at the time of his death which at any time after shall come to the
25 hands or possession of the said Will[ia]m Blake or into the hands and
26 possession of any other person or persons for him doe well and truly administer
27 according to law And further doe make or cause to be made a true and just accompt
28 of his s[ai]d Ad[ministra]con at or before the last day of Aprill Anno 1707
29 and all the rest and residue of the said goods chattels and credits which shall be found
30 remaining upon the said Administrators accompt the same being first examined and
31 allowed of by the Judge or Judges for the time being of the said Court shall deliver
32 and pay unto such person or persons respectively as the said Judge or Judges by his
33 or their decree or sentence p[ur]suant to the true intent and meaning of a late Act of
34 Parliament made in the two and twentieth and three and twentieth yeares of the raigne
35 of o[u]r Late Soveraigne L[or]d King Charles the second (Intituled An Act for the better
36 settling of Intestates (Istates) shall limit and appoint And if it shall hereafter
37 appeare that any last will and Testament was made by the said deceased and the
38 Executor or Executors therein named doe exhibit the same into the said Court making
39 request to have it allowed and approved accordingly if the said Administrator
40 above bounden being thereunto required doe render and deliver the said Lines of Ad[ministrat]con
41 (approbacion of such Testament being first had and made) in the said County Then this
42 Obligacon to be void and of none effect or otherwise remaine in full force and virtue
43 Sealed and Delivered
44 in the presence of
45 Rob[er]t Moore N P
46 Marg[are]t Blake’s mark
47 Henr Halaway his mark

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