Saturday, February 21, 2015

St Breock baptisms

St Breock baptisms prior to the mid 1800s are on Find My Past and I extracted about 100 of them. Now that I have so much information for the Bodmin/St Breock area I think my next step should be to do the rest of the parishes in the area of these two parishes and then merge families. Carrying on in too logical a fashion could create a lot of work for me later sorting items and finding duplicates. Whenever I get a large centre now in Cornwall I shall do that.

There are a number of distinct families in these areas through more than one hundred years of parish registers and they are using similar forenames so need to have a good look at them to see if I can find a founding family for them. That is the intent of all this effort after all. Now just need to get someone to test their yDNA for the Blake line in this area!

I still think yDNA hasn't sold itself yet in the British Isles. I suspect people are more interested in the autosomal DNA as it helps to relate collateral lines coming down from a common ancestor. The yDNA though is still I think the best test to do. I have to agree with the speaker at Roots Tech 2015 on that one for sure. She put yDNA as first, atDNA as second and mtDNA comes in a weak third. Do mtDNA if it interests you in finding out your deep ancestry was her comment. Since that was my original purpose in doing DNA in the beginning I certainly belong in that category - wanting to know the route out of Africa for my mtDNA and of course our yDNA through my brother's testing.

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