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George Routledge (1729 - 1816)

52 Ancestor Challenge - Challenge 10

Blake, King, Coleman, Pearce, Farmer, unknown, Lambden, Sarah (unknown), Knight, Ellis, Knight, Vincent, Butt, Durnford, Arnold, Molton, Cotterel, Bartlett, Alderman, Ann (unknown), Sherwood, unknown, Habberfield, Collings, Rawlings, Tanner, Dove, Morgan, Lywood, Canham, unknown, Peck, Pincombe, Charley, Rowcliffe, Pearse, Rew, Moggridge, Siderfin, Kent, Gray, Hilton, Cobb, Sproxton, Routledge, Tweddle, Routledge, Routledge, (unknown) Buller, unknown, Beard, Hemsley, Welch, Brockhouse, Cheatle, Woodcock, unknown Taylor, unknown, Harborne, Lewis, Roberts, Croxall, Lawley, unknown

George Routledge my 4x great grandfather is the second 4x great grandfather with the surname Routledge. He is also the second one to be of the Oakshaw Routledge family as it is generally referred to in the Dodgson Manuscript. He is also listed in the Dodgson Manuscript unlike my earlier ancestor challenge written about Henry Routledge. A good deal is known about the descendants of this George Routledge.

George was baptized 17 Apr 1729 whilst living at Todhills, Bewcastle, Cumberland the son of George Routledge (mother's name missing but I am hoping that a document that I am going to review today will help with that particular item). He died 12 Jun 1816 living at Row also in Bewcastle. He was married twice and I am descendant of his first family with Grace Routledge (and the third of my three Routledge 4x great grandparents thus far known to me) and they were married 16 Jun 1763 at Bewcastle. His second marriage which is recounted in The Dodgson Manuscript was to Elizabeth Armstrong 1 Jun 1768 at Lanercost. Elizabeth Armstrong was also descendant of the Oakshaw Routledge family as her mother Mary Routledge was the daughter of John Routledge and Elizabeth Dodgson. Mary was their eldest daughter. John and Elizabeth were married 11 May 1710 at Stepleton, Cumberland and they baptized ten children (eight of them at Bewcastle but the baptism of Mary has not yet been located).  Mary's brother William (baptized at Lanercost) and married to Jane Routledge 14 Nov 1753 at Brampton is also interesting because of their two sons John and Richard Routledge with Richard having purchased the property of my ancestor Thomas at Parkhead before he emigrated to Canada. They are referred to in a letter that George, son of my Thomas, wrote back to Archibald Armstrong in 1839 from London Township, Ontario, Canada. Mary Routledge married Joseph Armstrong 15 Nov 1735 at Bewcastle just to round out the story and their daughter Elizabeth was baptized at Lanercost 3 Jan 1738. George Routledge and Elizabeth baptized six children at Bewcastle. I will discuss the children of George and Grace (George's first wife) when I write about Grace Routledge.

Who was George Routledge baptized 1729.

"Elizabeth Armstrong one of the Female line of the Routledges of the Flatt and second Wife of George Routledge the former owner of Raw and Murrayholm in Bewcastle. (1768. June 1. Geo. Routledge of the parish of Bewcastle, and Eliz: Armstrong of this parish married by Lic. Wit. Thos Armstrong. Marge Routledge [Lanercost par. register]). Elizabeth Armstrong above named whose ancestors farmed Parknook, Bewcastle, and were from the Birkbush Armstrongs parish of Abbey Lanercost Cumberland. She was Cousin to the late Christopher Armstrong owner of Birkbush. (1735. Nov. 15. Marr. Bond at Carlisle. Joseph Armstrong, Flowry Hurst, p Lanercost, bach, age 30, and Mary Routledge, Flatt, p Bewcastle, spinster.) (1739. Jan. 3. Elizabeth dau of Joseph Armstrong of Flowry hurst, bap [Lanercost par. reg.]) She Died at Murrayholm in or about aged years (missing but her age would have been 91 as she died 14 Oct 1829 at Murrayholm).  The said Elizabeth Armstrong informed her Grandson George Routledge who in 1843 is the Owner of Raw, Murrayholm and Bankhead Estates, That her Grandfather John Routledge above named as being the Owner of Flatt in 1700. And a younger Brother named Thomas was Owner of Highonset and an Estate at Flatt were descended from the Routledges of Oakshaw (formerly Akeshaw) and came from the Oakshaw in or about 1700 as before stated and that John Routledge her Grandfather was generally called Old Akeshaw of the Flatt and the Ancestors of the present Owner of the Flatt. (1700. Nov. 18. Will: Routledge Alias Akeshaw buried. [Bewcastle B. T.]) And that Thomas Routledge his younger Brother was Father to John Routledge Owner of Scotchtown formerly of Highonset Bewcastle and Grandfather to Thomas Routledge the only son of John who still holds a life Interest in Scotchtown Estate and now in 1843 residing with his Wife Margaret Little at Garthside parish of Abbey Lanercost Cumberland, and the said above named Thomas Routledge Brother of John Routledge commonly called Akeshaw of the Flatt was also Greatgrandfather on the Maternal side to the above named George Routledge residing on his Estate at Bankhead before named in 1843.

Thomas Routledge who came from Oakshaw to Flatt was Uncle to Grace Routledge the Wife of John Dodgson of Stoneknowe and the said Grace Routledge was Aunt to Elizabeth Armstrong above named Elizabeth Armstrong’s Mother being a Sister to Grace and the Daughters of John Old Akeshaw of the Flatt before named."


From this document Elizabeth has given the relationship of George to the Oakshaw Routledge family as being a great grandson of Thomas Routledge who was brother to John Routledge commonly known as Akeshaw of the Flatt whose father was William Routledge the son of James Routledge who died in 1700 at The Flatt, Bewcastle.

From a Will abstract the following can be gleaned:

Carlisle Record Office Will of Archibald FORRESTER of Cleughside, Bewcastle [Bc] 1767, pg 63.    
Grace Forrester, deceased poss. The mother of John Routledge
John Forrester, Wit
Adam Routledge s o Mary, Wid
George Routledge, of Oakshaw, Bc, father of 2 children
Grace Routledge, daughter of [d o ] Mary Routledge, Wid
Henry Routledge, s o Mary R*
Henry Routledge of Borderrigg, dec., father of 3 children
John Routledge s o Mary R*, Wid
John Routledge, my "sister's son, possibly s o Grace
Leondard Routledge of Oakshaw
Mary Routledge of Crossgreens or Strandsheads, Wid, mother of Grace, Mary, Adam, John & Henry
Mary Routledge, d o Mary, Wid
William Routledge of Oakshaw, deceased, father of William R*
William Routledge of Oakshaw s o late William Routledge
Francis Armstrong, Wit
Catherine Dowglass of Ash w o Thomas Douglas
Thomas Dowglass [sic Douglas] of Ash husband of Catherine
Catherine Henderson d o Robert & Helenor Henderson
Helenor Henderson wife of Robert and mother of Catherine
Robert Henderson husband of Helenor & father of Catherine
Alexander Kennedie  of Cleughside, Friend husband of Sibella
Catherine Kennedie of Cleughside, d o Alexander
Elizabeth Kennedie of Cleughside
John Kennedie of Cleughside s o Alexander
Sibella Kennedie of Cleughside w o Alexander
William Kennedie of Cleughside s o Alexander

One day I must get hold of the original will as it could give me a little more wording around these references to my 2 4x great grandfathers. But the will captures a moment in time just before George's wife Grace died in 1768 and just after Henry Routledge died in 1765. George at that time was living at Oakshaw. His wife Grace Routledge's parentage is not of Oakshaw directly so he is living there on hios own account as the maternal greatgrandson of Thomas Routledge mentioned above.

The document which I do have  is from the National Archives of the UK and reference C 11/2598/24 and was created in 1721. It is a Bill and answer with plaintiffs George Routledge, yeoman of Raw and the defendant Allan Routledge. There was, according to The Dodgson Manuscript an Allan Routledge in Row in 1630 and checking this particular set of documents the reference is likely to an Indenture dated 1630. The following information (an exerpt and the entire copy can be seen in blog post:
can be gleaned on Allen Routledge:

Allan Routledge, of Cum Crooke

Allan Routledge for a Tenement, without a house at Saughs, rent 3s 4d, a day
mowing, a day shearing, and for Carriages 2s.

In the Protestation Returns of 1641-42 there is no mention of an Allan Routledge. But there is a George Routledge son of James and Elener of the Ash (Francis is a second son), another George Routledge.

Earlier in the 1604 Land Survey of Bewcastle can be found:

Bayley Ashes Routledge, James Routledge, George Father
Bayley Bayley Routledge, Jerrat Routledge, George Father
The Quarter The Quarter Routledge, Quintain Routledge, George Father
Bayley Bayley Routledge, Adam Routledge, James Father
Bayley Bayley Routledge, James Routledge, James Father
Bayley Bayley Routledge, Thomas Routledge, James Father
The Quarter The Quarter Routledge, William Routledge, James Father

Is this the same James father of Adam, James, Thomas and William but also son of George along with Jerrat and Quintain? On The Protestation Returns just 37 years later there is James and Elener of the Ash with sons Francis and George and could this be James son of James as the father of Francis and George. Putting these Routledge families together is a major task.

Looking at the 1604 Land Survey the following are listed as fathers and sons:

Adam with son Adam

Allen with son John

Andrew with sons John, Thomas, Archibald, James and Adam

Archibald with son William

George with sons James, Jerrat and Quintain

James with sons Adam, James, Thomas, and William

Jarret with son Thomas

Jeffery with sons Thomas and Richard

John with sons Cuthbert, Jerrat, Thomas, Cuthbert, Thomas, William, George, Clement, George and Quint (Is there more than one John as Father?)

Martin with son James

Nicholas with son Edward

Quintain with sons Simon, Andrew, Simon, Francis, Andrew and John (two with forename Quintain?)

Richard with sons Jenkin, George, and John

Robert with son Jock (listed on another document and likely the Laird of the Routledge Clan)

Rowland with sons Anthony, Edward, Cuthbert

Thomas with sons Richard and William

William with sons Edward, Alexander and John

The possibility exists that there are some grandfather/son/grandson relationships in this listing.

There is a very large difference in the numbers of Routledge males in 1604 as compared to the 1630 Indenture. There are 51 names in the 1604 list and only 21 in the 1630 Indenture and only 23 in the Protestation Returns of 1641.

What is known about George Routledge of Row/Raw mentioned in this document is that he appears to have baptized five children at Bewcastle - Isobel, Jane, George (1726-1729), George and Jane. At the time of the writing of the document only Isobel and Jane have been baptized and they are living at Todhills and not at Row. I am looking for a female Oakshaw Routledge connection according to the Dodgson Manuscript and it is that Thomas Routledge baptized 22 Jul 1695 at Bewcastle baptized 7 children at Bewcastle (wife unknown) including a daughter Jane baptized 14 Oct 1737 at Bewcastle. She married a Routledge and their daughter married George Routledge son of George Routledge and Elizabeth Armstrong. Their son George is the individual mentioned as living at Raw in 1843 in The Dodgson Manuscript.

Routledge marriages in the Bewcastle Parish Register (old style, ie year begins 25 Mar)

18 May 1665 James Noble and Magdalen Routlidge
1 Jun 1665 James Routlidge and Ellinor Routlidge
26 Feb 1666 William Routlidge and Margarett Nixon
15 Nov 1666 Patricke Sanderson and Margarett Routledge
19 Nov 1667 Thomas Routledge and Isobell Nixon
16 Nov 1667 William Bell and Agnes Routledge
28 Apr 1668 Andrew Routledge and Elizabeth Wilson
6 Feb 1669 John Routledge and Elliner Micholson
May 1669 Thomas Routledge and Dorothye Nixon
22 Jul 1676 William Routledge and Isobell Story
16 Nov 1676 William Henderson and Illinor Routledge
3 Jul 1677 Adam Routledge of Belbanke and Elinore Armstrong
10 Jul 1677 Andrew Armstrong and Grizill Routledge
13 Oct 1677 Adam Story and Isobell Routledge
3 Nov 1677 Thomas Routledge of Camolflatt and Mary Routledge
28 Nov James Routledge of Craggs and Ellinor Armstrong
1686 ? Story and Jennet Routledge
3 Feb 1687 Thomas Nixon and Elizabeth Routledge
22 Nov 1691 John Routledge of Bewcastle and Catherine Armstrong
21 Jul 1692 Robert Routledge and Grizzell Foster
7 Nov 1692 Andrew Noble and Jane Routledge
25 Nov 1693 William Taylour and Anne Routledge
8 Jun 1698 William Foster of Ash and Jannet Routledge of Cragges
22 Nov 1698 William Nixon of Slacks and Elizabeth Routledge
26 Jun 1701 John Hetherington and Elizabeth Routledge
11 Jul 1702 Thomas Routledge and Jane Mophett
8 Jul 1704 Archbald Routledge and Elizabeth Nixon
17 Nov 1704 John Routledge and Mary Armstrong
1704 William Routledge and Grissell Routledge
10 Oct 1706 John Scott and Anne Routledge
26 Nov 1708 John Foster and Isobell Routledge
12 Jul 1709 Richard Routledge and Jane Story
13 Feb 1711 John Routledge and Margaret Waugh
6 Jun 1711 Abraham Dixon and Anne Routledge
10 Jun 1712 Thomas Routledge and Anne Doney
24 Aug 1712 Leonard Routledge and Elinor Dodgson
12 Jun 1712 Leonard Story and Anne Routledge
14 Jun 1712 Thomas Routledge and Anne Noble
24 Jul 1712 Christopher Harding and Anne Routledge
31 Jul 1712 Thomas Routledge and Grizell Armstrong
6 Dec 1712 Andrew Forster and Jennat Routledge
11 Jun 1713 Thomas Routledge and Elizabeth Allan
22 Jul 1713 Joseph Elliot and Hannah Routledge
14 Jun 1716 Archibald Routledge and Jane Nixon
1 Aug 1717 Arthur Routledge and Katharine Forster
6 Nov 1718 Andrew Kile of Kirkandery and Mary Routledge
28 May 1719 John Breckins and Jane Routledge
19 Nov 1725 John Armstrong and Ellinor Routledge
28 Nov 1725 James Armstrong of Lannercost and Elizabeth Routledge
17 Jun 1726 William Routledge and Blanch Edgar of Carlisle
14 Nov 1727 Robert Routledge and Anne Nixon
29 Jul 1730 John Waugh of Lanercost and Anne Routledge
17 Jan 1733 William Routledge and Esther Athol
5 Feb 1733 Thomas Routledge of Oakshaw and Elizabeth Storye of Lanercost
5 Feb 1733 William Armstrong and Abigail Routledge
2 Aug 1733 Matthew Turner of Sandcrook and Jannet Routledge of Highonset
14 Nov 1733 Thomas Routledge of Flatt and Anne Routledge of Flatt
18 Nov 1733 Thomas Routledge of Hill and Mary Routledge of Kirkbeckstown
7 Jun 1735 Robert Armstrong and Mary Routledge
4 Dec 1735 Joseph Armstrong and Mary Routledge
8 Jul 1737 John Nixon and Frances Routledge
27 Jun 1738 William Forester and Jane Routledge
26 Nov 1741 John Dodgson and Grisel Routledge
25 Nov 1741 John Tweedle and Sybella Routledge
25 May 1743 Richard Pott and Elizabeth Routledge of Lanercost
14 May 1744 John Armstrong and Elizabeth Routledge
22 May John Armstrong and Isobel Routledge
14 Jun 1744 William Nixon and Eleanor Routledge
12 Aug 1744 James Henderson and Jane Routledge
7 Jun 1745 William Routledge and Mary Elliot of Lanercost
16 Jun 1745 Robert Routledge and Jane Armstrong
28 Nov 1745 Francis Forrester of Kirkandrews on Esk and Ann Routledge
23 Nov 1745 Thomas Routledge and Ann Allan of Lanercost
2 Dec 1747 John Forster and Mary Routledge

Baptisms of George Routledge

16 Apr 1667 ? of Thomas Routlidge of Pikehead
24 May 1668 George son of James Routledge of Raw
3 Oct 1676 ? son of George Routledge of Know
17 Oct 1767 ? son of John Routledge of Parke
28 Oct 1691 George son of Adam Routledge of Roanstrees
15 Jan 1692 George son of Richard Routledge of Crags
10 Mar 1692 George son of George Routledge junior of Stub
1715 ? son of John Routledge of Flatt
29 Jan 1726 George son of George Routledge of Todhills
18 Apr 1729 George son of George Routledge of Todhills

Not a lot of George Routledge that could be referred to in the 1721 document. The 1668 George son of James Routledge of Raw has always been an interesting individual and then 10 Mar 1692 George son of George Routledge junior of Stub and that George potentially could be the father of the George Routledge of Todhills baptized in 1729. There are no George Routledge marriages this early in the Bewcastle Parish Register.

There is one on Family Search:

George Routledge married to Elizabetha Graham 3 Jun 1713 at KirkLinton

Kirklinton is 8 miles from Lanercost and ten miles from Bewcastle.

Looking for George Routledge marriages has been in the past difficult and continues in that state.  More records coming on line might assist with discovering the line of George and the names of their wives. Either the mother or one of the Grandmothers of George is surnamed Routledge and a daughter/grand daughter of Thomas Routledge of Oakshaw. But George himself is referred to as of Oakshaw in the will so is he the son of George  junior of Stub and is this George in turn a son of Adam of Roanstrees or of James of Raw (otherwise known as Row)?

The 1721 document I mentioned earlier and which I must transcribe one of these days names the wife of George Routledge of Raw as Blanch. The document also names a Robert Routledge and an Andrew Graham. The time periods in the particular item date from 1713 to 1722 at a quick read.

A Blanch Routledge died 23 Feb 1788 at the age of 94 years. No other reference to her in the Bewcastle Parish Register that I have found thus far. There was a Blanch Routledge baptized 3 Jun 1668 daughter of Mr Richard Routledge of Bewcastle.

Possible ancestry of George Routledge

1. Elizabeth BLAKE
2. Helen Louise PINCOMBE (b 18 Oct 1916) - Westminster Township Middlesex County Ontario Canada
3. John Routledge PINCOMBE (b 10 Sep 1872)- Lobo Township Middlesex County Ontario Canada
4. Grace GRAY (b 22 Mar 1839) - London Township Middlesex County Ontario Canada
5. Mary ROUTLEDGE (b 1804 and b 23 Jun 1813) - Bewcastle Cumberland England
6. Elizabeth ROUTLEDGE (b 27 Aug 1763) - (Raw) Bewcastle Cumberland England
Elizabeth's father's line
7. George ROUTLEDGE (b 18 Apr 1729) - (born at Todhills lived at Raw) Bewcastle Cumberland England
8. George ROUTLEDGE (b 10 Mar 1692) - (born at Stubb and lived at Raw) Bewcastle Cumberland England

The document that I need to transcribe though is rather interesting as it lists both the property at Raw and the property at Borderigg where Henry Routledge farmed. Was there any relationship between these two men whose children eventually married. My mother always commented that the Routledge ancestors were cousins. Still to look at is Grace.

Henry is known to be of Oakshaw but not listed as such in the abstract to the will of Archibald Forrester mentioned above but George is listed as of Oakshaw and he is known to be a great grandson of Thomas Routledge brother of John Routledge Laird of The Flatt.

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