Sunday, April 19, 2015

Continuing with the Galway Blake family legacy file

Now well into the second book of Martin Joseph Blake on the Galway Blake family and working on the Kiltolla family. He has made some changes with his second book and there are another 40 pages of genealogical information. The changes though are quite small but occasionally significant. For instance the ancestor of the 1st Baronet of Twissell's grandmother was named as Mary Blake (wife of Robert Blake) daughter of Patrick daughter of John in the second book but Juliane Lynch in the first. I did some sleuthing but could not come up with anything except Martin's books for this information. People have used the information from the first book on world connect. I finally decided to go with Martin's second book and revised that particular entry. I will make note that it had been Juliane Lynch in the first book in the notes.This is amazing to see one of the Blake families of Ireland come together with one of the Blake families of England. However Richard Caddell is the founder of this Blake family in Ireland and this Blake family in England is descendant of the Blake family at Calne, Wiltshire through a female Blake line (my interpretation of the Chart held at the Swindon and Wiltshire Record Office) and from the Blake family at Knights Enham/Eastontown/Andover through the male line.

This file is getting to be quite extensive with 1706 individuals and 781 families. Thus far all but one Blake line is accounted for as descendant of Richard Caddell. My intent was to try and collect all the Blake lines that are in the Galway Blake family so that I can look at the other Blake lines in Ireland. My curiosity having been stimulated in that regard by the England's Emigrant Database listing a Richard Blake as coming to Salisbury England in the early 1400s from Ireland. One wonders at the definition of Emigrant at this stage. Was he simply the son of one of the Blakes who went to Ireland and listed in the Calendar of Patent Rolls? Would he be considered an emigrant? I suspect yes because one of the people on the list is listed as an emigrant even after marrying an English woman and living in England for twenty years.

Would I be considered an emigrant having three grandparents and a father born and raised in England? I would be, I would need to apply for a visa to stay past the time allotted and for citizenship I would need to apply for that as well just like anyone else who emigrated to England. That is not one of my thoughts, I would feel out of place in England. Although it is the place of birth of most of my ancestors (Ireland is starting to look like my great grandmother Ellen Taylor's ancestral home and Scotland is the home of my Routledge families), I have lived in Canada all of my life now almost 70 years long. I am Canadian born although my line here seems so short with just my mother, her father and his mother born here and all the rest came to Canada from England as immigrants! Three of four grandparents, seven of eight great grandparents and all sixteen of sixteen great great grandparents were born in England and all but the four grandparents, two great grandparents, four great great grandparents and two great great great grandparents died in England! And I have pictures of all of their gravestones here in Canada because they all lived within about 2 miles of London, Ontario, Canada. I have pictures of a number of the gravestones of my ancestors in England as well from our various trips there.

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