Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cornwall Blake continuing

I am continuing with the extraction of information and insertion of that information  into my Legacy software for the Cornwall Blake family. A number of family lines have emerged and eventually I hope to share all of that. I must admit that I do find it very very difficult as I do not know any family lore for the Blake families in Cornwall. I am basically looking at the records and trying to see if they fit together in a meaningful way.

Were there two distinct Blake families in Cornwall and that thought continues to plague me. Has the Blake family in Devon drifted over into Cornwall? Indeed there are several cases where agricultural workers in particular have moved into Cornwall and stayed there through a generation or more. Is the Blake family centered on Bodmin different from the Blake family at Landrake. With my latest extraction I have the Landrake Blake family moving further west in Cornwall and into Menheniot.

I do hope if anyone spots errors in my logic that they will write to me and say so. That would help to clarify the Blake lines. Should one think of the Blake who came to Cornwall in the early part of the 1500s as an Emigrant? He is in the Emigrant database (newly released) but is he an emigrant as we think of emigrants these days.? I actually do not think so. I suspect there was a lot of movement between various places as younger sons in particular moved further afield in search of property.

I am working on St Enoder these days and the list becomes shorter and shorter. Then I will need to go in and extract the rest of the parishes but what to choose as a centre point. Eventually I will simply check to make sure that I have all the parishes and then move on to the Census.

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