Sunday, May 31, 2015

52 Ancestor Challenge - Benefits

Doing the 52 Ancestor Challenge and for me looking at 52 of my 64 4x great grandparents has been a very beneficial procedure. I have corrected some material. I have found information that had passed me by since I last looked at some of these lines. I have added generations to some of my lines. The latest find was a correction for the surname of one of my 4x great grandmothers married to George Lywood and her surname should be Lanham/Lannum not Canham. I never could find a Canham even close to Wiltshire let alone in Wiltshire so this has been a major find.

The eight 4x great grandparents that are left out will include four of the ancestral lines for my great grandmother Ellen Taylor. I only have family lore to connect her back in time so I will leave that until we have been to Birmingham (Warwickshire) and done the planned research there. I will do an unknown Taylor likely as I suspect he is from Ireland.

I want to do this project again next year but it will be the 3x great grandparents of my daughters and son in law. That will mean doing 32 for our son in law as I have found all of them and then 16 for my husband as again he has found all of them and four of my 2x great grandparents which should be the parents of Ellen Taylor which I hope to have made a breakthrough on after our trip to Birmingham plus two others.

It is sort of a make over process except I have already proven most of my 3x great grandparents's lines so proceeding to the 4x great grandparents was a marvelous idea.

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