Friday, May 8, 2015

Gedcom from the Galway Blake Records of Martin J Blake

I have now finished entering all the individuals, checking the links of the genealogical connections, in the two volumes of Martin J Blake's books on the Blake family of Galway. In total there are 2217 individuals and 1001 families (I have added in a few families bringing some of the material into the mid 1900s). I did find a number of corrections between the 1st and 2nd volumes and indeed Martin Blake mentions that these did exist. I also found another five page item in "Archivium Hibernicum or Irish Historical Records Volume 1" which is an Appendix, actually #1, which was inserted by Martin J Blake after the publication of the 1905 volume 2 of his two books on the Galway Blake family. He comments in this Appendix that it is a correction to the Ballinafad Blake family.

I will be adding this information to the Legacy file shortly and will make note of the source where it results in any changes. Having found this rather interesting piece of information I shall do a more extensive search to see if I can find anything more that Martin Blake wrote concerning these Blake records.

The next step with the Galway records is to add in the census material from the Irish Archives and there are also records in the English Census. Free BMD also has information on this family and will be extracted and entered. But along with that I have decided to enter all the documents that Martin Blake has listed in these books attaching them to the notes for the individual that they concern.

Since the really tricky part of this is complete though I will return once again to the Cornwall Blake family and the extraction of the next set of records to continue building my legacy family trees for the Blake families found in the Bodmin area of Cornwall attempting to track their spread out from Bodmin (and the Blake families that came into this area from somewhere else). There are quite a number of parishes to examine and relating it to my last endeavour I expect it will take me a couple of months. Then I want to extract the census material as well to aid me in linking these families.

Was there a singleton Blake in this area coming from Bretagne to Bodmin Cornwall prior to 1525? The idea is an intriguing one and given the isolated nature of Cornwall and the existence of extant records dating back into the 1500s, I wonder what I can come up with in that regard.

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