Saturday, June 13, 2015

1000 emails

I was approaching that dreaded 1000 emails in my Inbox so decided that today had to be a day of filing and elimination. The dream is to completely catch up on my emails and having now reduced that number to 240 perhaps it is something that can happen in the near term rather than an I must get to answering emails. Gardening is the largest cause at the moment along with cleaning the house both of which are always going to take precedence. We are slowly downsizing our possessions for that eventual move (maybe ten years from now out of our present home and into something on one floor. But time will tell on that. The biggest thing for people aging is likely the stairs and we have two flights which have to be negotiated many times a day. Good exercise for us at the moment!

Now that I am down to 240 emails I think I shall try each morning to look at 30 or so of them which could mean that in one week I would have this manageable list of emails in front of me that I can handle daily. I know I missed quite a few marriage challenges but I was overwhelmed with the results and decided that I would pass on them. Plus the British Parliament is thinking of ways of making it easier for people to extract genealogical information from their Civil Registration moneywise. With a study like Blake I would probably be spending quite a bit anyway but nonetheless I have let them pass me by although may start once again submitting my lists for marriage challenges.

The really good news is one of the Guild members in Canada East has volunteered to become Regional Representative for Eastern Canada thus taking one more commitment off of my desk. The intention is that all "timed" related committments would be gone by the end of this year in which I am turning 70. From now on I would simply set the stage for when and where I would commit myself to genealogy that wasn't personally related to looking at my own family lines. I still have Conference 2017 for the Ontario Genealogical Society on our joint plates (my husband and I) but that will be the only one to carry forward into 2016.

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