Sunday, June 14, 2015

200 Emails

Down to 200 emails but most of these are going to be a lot of looking and replying. Fortunately some of them have two or three from the same person where I have responded and then promised to get back to the individual. Hopefully that will be accomplished by the end of this month.

A lot of the emails are asking me about Blake lines and I generally can not help people unless they are descended from one of the lines that I have worked down to the 1900s. However, if they send me material then I can enter it and have a start in case anyone else queries the same line in the future. I would then blog on the information thus gleaned and perhaps the original writer will see that.

There are also some on Family Finder matches and I look after seven kits so generally have to sort out which one and then can get into the business of seeing if we can find a match. .

Then there are the marriage challenge results from Guild members and they are greatly appreciated but I am somewhat overwhelmed at the moment but hope to get that put away by the end of the summer. When I can get into the census in a more general way they will be very helpful. I can see that I really have my work cut out for me in the next ten years of working on Blake. By the end of the year I think I shall develop a research plan to make use of all the material that I have, what I would like to acquire on our next trip to England and what I hope to accomplish in the ten years that I will continue with the Blake one name study.

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