Thursday, June 18, 2015

Census of Ireland and other Blake items

I extracted the census for Blake from the Irish Census for 1911, 1901, 1851, 1831, and 1821. Just under 2000 for 1911 and 1901 and much smaller for the other three. I want to add this information to the Galway Blake Family Tree on Legacy. Plus I will start a new Legacy tree for Other Irish Families. That is a side project but has an interesting reason as I search out the non-Galway Blake families. I will go in and acquire the military records for Irish Recruits into a database as well and gradually I may get a picture of Ireland and the Blake families who lived there.

Today I shall spend some time on the Cornwall Blake family as I would like to complete the extraction of the CMB records from the OPC website for Cornwall. After I complete the parishes within 25 miles of Bodmin there are only twenty parishes left that have Blake records.

I also want to do a writeup on H11 haplogroup. There are now 116 members of my mtDNA study group and the last six months a lot of the new members are from all around the world but principally Eastern Europe. It still amazes me that both the mitochondrial and the yDNA lines are fairly uncommon (i.e. the numbers would be in the tens of thousands  who are exact matches likely) thus making it somewhat easier to place our lines into particular geographic locations.

I continue phasing the DNA for both my parents using my own and my siblings autosomal DNA results. I am running at around 25% of results where I can only predict one and not two of the expected values (i.e. A, C, G, or T). But 75% of them are falling neatly into place. I can see why my two siblings who tested matched each other so much more than me (although still within the limits of being full siblings as we are) and I can see that we have a lot of differences. I am comparing my results with those obtained from 23 and Me and I could also put Ancestry into the table. just for interests sake. In general FT DNA avoided reading areas that had medical implications thus ensuring that allowing people to see your results in a Chromosome Browser doesn't release any health results. This will be a long project. I considered writing a excel macro to do the stripping but decided to do it this way. It is actually quite quick and I am not in a rush. I am hopeful that more of my siblings will test and then I can add them in as I go along. 

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