Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Handling emails in a one name study

I have finally reached 25 emails to respond to and the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel becomes brighter with each passing day. My plan is to have my email box empty every evening when I close the computer down and we will see how that goes. However at 25 emails that is beginning to sound doable. About 75% of the emails to respond to are for the Blake one name study and most often I can not really help people unless they are far enough back in their research and it is in an area that I am looking at.

The rest of the emails are on various DNA projects that I work on or a few extraneous ones for some of my other families. Today I hope to get to 20 emails in my inbox and then perhaps tomorrow I can get that back to 15 or less. As the number becomes smaller and smaller the amount of time to answer grows somewhat exponentially. As I am picking and choosing those that require the least amount of effort to answer first.

In future though I want to do some delegation and will send emails on that are obviously from other Blake lines to the pertinent Blake researcher (if I can manage to bring the details in line with other people's work!). I am going to continue with the quick response on receiving (most of these would have had a reply from my tablet which has since been replaced and I do not appear to have that sent mail still in my sent mail box on the tablet). Perhaps it has disappeared into a cloud somewhere but it did not return!

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