Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ten most popular posts of all time on my blog

The ten most popular posts on my blog which commenced in November 2008. John Reid gave me the thought to do that as a blog post when I checked out Anglo-Celtic Roots this morning. The first post below is actually a list of the ten most popular posts at that time of writing almost a year and a half ago. The list at that time showed that most people were looking at my Blake blogs but these blogs listed below are principally material items. Lists of items that I have extracted from various documents that I hold plus one rather long story on the Rashleigh family of Devon and Cornwall. The H11 item gets viewed a lot because I have a search tool built into my H11 haplogroup study that will capture that particular article everytime someone looks at my H11 information and follows the search. The two wills at the bottom are interesting. Johanne Pencombe's will was always a very used item which means that people researching Pincombe/Pinkham are looking at my blog. The other Blake will amongst hundreds of others that I have transcribed (and I will be getting back to that!) is a mystery as to why it gets looked at so often. But I suspect it is because there is a family tree on World Connect and it was a large family where some members went to Australia. The greatest percentage of Blake individuals per million in any country live in Australia.

My next blog on the Pincombe family will be very very interesting. I have come to some rather interesting thoughts with regard to my mother's family which stretches back to 1485 at North Molton, Devon but they came there from somewhere else with Lord de la Zouch and I think I may have found that somewhere else with rather a twist to it. More to come on that particular story and it involves a yDNA match between my 5th cousin in Australia and an individual who lives in Scandinavia and can trace his line there back into the 1700s thus far but doesn't think his line is early Scandinavian.


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