Monday, July 20, 2015

Upcoming Presentation

Although it has been my stated intent not to do any more lectures I will be doing a Google hangout for The Surname Society next Saturday. The title  will be DNA and Surname Studies. I am gradually stepping down from my involvement in this society as well. The next issue of the newsletter will be my last. I would like to do some database work for both the guild of one studies and the surname society. But any involvement in either executive is ending.

In reality it has been the entry of DNA into genealogy that has drawn me into genealogy although the initial push came from my fourth cousin George Dekay. He wanted a
Pincombe profile for the Delaware and Westminster  history books published almost ten years ago now. I was reticent to take the project on. I did do so and my forays into genealogy began.

My husband and I first tested our DNA in 2006 in order to be part of The National Geographic Project. We were interested in our deep ancestry and my husband was keen to discover his Kipp line which has a brick wall at his 2nd great grandfather Isaac Kipp who was born in 1764 and came to Canada in 1800 as a settler with his wife Hannah Mead and four of their five sons. He has been studying his families for nearly 40 years.

I really expected to find that my mitochondrial line would be a fairly usual English one but surprises were in store for me. At the NG project I tested as H haplogroup with three differences from the Cambridge Reference Standard. The option to take my results into FT DNA was offered  and I did do that only to discover that I had very few matches - 5 actually. One of them had done further testing and was H11. Interest kindled  and so I did further testing and I have now done everything available. I have tested at Ancestry and 23 and me as well.

Very busy the rest of the day. Will share the presentation.

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