Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2016 52 Ancestor Challenge and Blake continuing

I have decided that I have greatly benefitted from this year's ancestor challenge so I will do it again next year but will look at our grand children's  4x great grandparents. All are known  and because there are 64 and only 52 weeks  I shall leave out 12 of mine because I mentioned them this year except for my maternal grandmother's  parents and I will choose  two others that would be intetesting to look at a second time. It would give me an opportunity to put more flesh on the bones of the 2x great grandparents.

The list:

Charles Alexandre Bedard
Marie Emelie Whelan
Leon Matte
Marie Louise Gagnon
Marius-Joseph Mourier
Antoinette Bertrand
Jean Baptiste Benjamin Neveu
Lea Audet dite Lapointe
Antoine Gregoire
Rosa de Lima Seguin dit Laderoute
Joseph Delphis Tremblay
Lucie Labelle
Augustin Lauzon
Helena Brunet
Felix Lanoie
Celine Rheaume

Joseph Dumoulin
Rosalie Renaud
Joseph Napoleon Larent dit Vinet
Rosalie Cadieux
Eustache Clement
Azelie Marie Charlebois
Auguste Breault dit Pommerville
Vitaline Pilon
Pierre Prevost
Salomee Desjardins
Francois Deschatelets
Marie Louise Quesnel
Jean Baptiste Lagarde dit St-Jean
Octavie Lavigne
Joseph Jean Baptiste Chenier
Anne Anna Racine

Isaac Kipp
Hannah Mead
Resiah Force
Elizabeth Schram
Johann Christian Friedrich Schulz
Magdalena Dorothea Johanna Passow
Johan Carl Niemann
Johanna Sophia Dusing
John Link
Mary Anne Abbs
Horace Rathbun
Eliza Jane Hotrum
Isaac Allen
Rebecca Crouse
John Casey Parlee
Margaret Folkins

John Blake
Ann Farmer
Samuel Knight
Louisa Butt
Joseph Taylor/William Cotterill
Mary Pinnells/Jane Sherwood
William Rawlings
Elizabeth Lywood
John Pincombe
Elizabeth Rew
Robert Gray junior
Elizabeth Mary Ann Routledge
Henry Christopher Buller
Anne Welch
Thomas Taylor
Ellen Roberts

I would be choosing just four from the latter group and it would be the last two and I have high hopes of proving that line back from my great grandmother by year's end :) and I think I would select the parents of my paternal grandmother's stepfather since they were known to her in her childhood days perhaps not personally (I shall attempt to determine that) but certainly as people who were discussed in family.

I think the 52 Ancestor Challenge is a project that could last a number of years as there are many ways of looking at these ancestors and this year has been extremely productive looking at mine - a number of new and interesting facts have come to light.

But now I must return to my Blake endeavours. I want to publish the Galway Blake family on World Connect and Family Search giving appropriate credit to Martin Joseph Blake for his work and I will be using a couple of other published texts as well.

Does my Blake line come from a Blake family in Ireland? The haplogroup is found in England but not in the proportions that it is found in Ireland. With the newest charting for L-161 I must admit to being really curious. I repeat the chart here:

Although this chart is somewhat small you can clearly see the break in the line of two Blake families in this chart. The lines are literally separated by CTS4122+ (my line having mutated and being + and the other being ancestral or CTS4122-).

The markers for these two individuals are separated by a genetic distance of 4 on 12 markers but of the four individuals who have tested and lie in this particular grouping two are declared Irish and the other two have very early history in Hampshire England. Three of them are an exact match on the first 12 markers - my line is the outlier. Is my line an outlier because of very ancient separation from the common founder? As the trek towards the open water and better hunting/fishing happened 8000 or so years ago across Doggerland towards Ireland did my line stop at Hampshire and the rest continue towards the coast? I wonder about that.

I shall work on the haplogroups for the Blake study today as there are a few new ones to assign and one to move into "not Blake direct line."

I also will return to working on the Cornwall Blake family. Summer always has as first call the garden but gradually that work load is decreasing and I shall return once again to genealogy.

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Mary Yetter said...

I just recently found out about the 52 ancestors in 52 weeks challenge. I've been hoping there are others who will be doing the challenge in 2016, since I've decided to do it this upcoming year! I will be checking in on your blog for inspiration!