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Grace Routledge (c 1736 - 1767)7

52 Ancestor Challenge - Challenge 34

Blake, King, Coleman, Pearce, Farmer, Mary (unknown), Lambden, Sarah (unknown), Knight, Ellis, Knight, Vincent, Butt, O'Ford, Arnold, Molton, Cotterell, Bartlett, Alderman, Shepherd, Sherwood, Elizabeth (unknown), Happerfield, Collins, Rawlings, Tanner, Dove, Morgan, Lywood, Lanham, unknown, Peck, Pincombe, Charley, Rowcliffe, Pearse, Rew, Moggridge, Siderfin, Kent, Gray, Hilton, Cobb, Sproxton, Routledge, Tweddle, Routledge, Routledge, (unknown) Buller, unknown, Beard, Hemsley, Welch, Brockhouse, Cheatle, Woodcock, unknown Taylor, unknown, Harborne, Lewis, Roberts, Croxall, Lawley, unknown

Grace Routledge, my third and last 4x great grandparent with the surname Routledge, was the daughter of Thomas Routledge and Mary Routledge. Immediately I have to admit I become curious as to whether or not this is also the Oakshaw Routledge family which often married 1st, 2nd, 3rd cousins. George, husband of Grace, and already blogged as Challenge 10 of this 52 Ancestor Challenge:

was of the Oakshaw Routledge Family. Knowing that helps to place him into a family grouping of all the Routledge family groups in the Bewcastle, Cumberland area.

With this tendency to marry cousins I can look around for the marriage of Thomas Routledge and Mary Routledge  and a most fortunate discovery that Thomas Routledge lived at Hill and Mary Routledge was from Kirkbeckstown at the time of their marriage. Thomas was the son of a Thomas Routledge and Mary the daughter of a William Routledge. They married 18 Nov 1733 at Bewcastle.

Carlisle Record Office
Will of Archibald FORRESTER of Cleughside, Bewcastle [Bc] 1767, pg 63.
Grace Forrester, deceased [possibly the mother of John Routledge (named in will)]
John Forrester, Witness
Adam Routledge son of Mary, Widow
George Routledge, of Oakshaw , Bc , father of 2 children
Grace Routledge, daughter of Mary Routledge, Widow
Henry Routledge, s o Mary Routledge [widow?]
Henry Routledge of Borderrigg, deceased, father of 3 children [my 4x great grandfather]
John Routledge s o Mary Routledge, Wid
John Routledge, my “sister’s son, son of Grace (Forrester) Routledge (sister of testator)
Leondard Routledge of Oakshaw [son of Thomas Routledge son of William Routledge and Frances Little]
Mary Routledge of Crossgreens or Strandsheads, Widow, mother of Grace, Mary, Adam, John and Henry
Mary Routledge, daughter of Mary, Wid
William Routledge of Oakshaw, deceased, father of William Routledge
William Routledge of Oakshaw son of the late William Routledge
Francis Armstrong, Witness
Catherine Dowglass of Ash wife of Thomas Douglas
Thomas Dowglass [sic Douglas] of Ash husband of Catherine
Catherine Henderson daughter of Robert and Helenor Henderson
Helenor Henderson wife of Robert and mother of Catherine
Robert Henderson husband of Helenor and father of Catherine
Alexander Kennedie of Cleughside, Friend, husband of Sibella
Catherine Kennedie of Cleughside, daughter of Alexander
Elizabeth Kennedie of Cleughside
John Kennedie of Cleughside son of Alexander
Sibella Kennedie of Cleughside wife of Alexander
William Kennedie of Cleughside son of Alexander

The bolded items make this will abstract especially interesting as George and Grace, and Henry (of Broderrigg) are three of my 4x great grandparents. Finding that Mary Routledge (widow whose husband was Thomas Routledge of Hill) of Kirkbeckstown was Grace's mother was a real surprise as I tentatively had her as the daughter of Thomas Routledge and Elizabeth Storye (this Thomas being of Oakshaw and brother to Henry of Broderrigg). The Kennedy family included may also prove to be interesting as Grace Routledge (daughter of my 3x great grandparents Thomas Routledge (son of Henry above) and Elizabeth Routledge (daughter of George and Grace above)) married George Arthur Kennedy in 1810 at Bewcastle.

My mother remembered there were a number of close cousin marriages in her Routledge ancestry. Thomas Routledge of Hill and/or Mary Routledge of Kirkbeckstown could be related to the Oakshaw family; I still need to work on that. Henry Routledge at Broderrigg was born at Oakshaw.

The forename Leonard occurs in three different families at Bewcastle in this time period just to work through that name mentioned on the abstract of the will:

Leonard baptized 10 Sep 1743 at Bewcastle and the son of Thomas) is one of seven children so why single him out? The other families mentioned Catherine wife of Thomas Douglas and Helenor wife of Robert Henderson and Sibella wife of Alexander Kennedie could all be Routledge with their maiden names but they do not fit into this particular family.

 Leonard baptized 3 Jul 1743 at Bewcastle and the son of Thomas Routledge and Elizabeth Storye is of the Oakshaw family. This Thomas is a likely brother to my Henry Routledge. He had a brother William but this William died as an infant and he had two sisters Jane and Grace.

Leonard Routledge baptized 21 Apr 1746 at Bewcastle is the son of Robert Routledge and Mary Mawers (married at Lanercost) and he is one of nine children but does have a sister Helenor.

Grace Routledge (my 4x great grandmother) married  George Routledge 16 Jun 1763 at Bewcastle and they had two daughters by 1767 as mentioned in the will abstract above. Elizabeth baptized 27 Aug 1763 at Bewcastle (my 3x great grandmother) and Margaret (Peggy) baptized 24 Apr 1765 at Bewcastle and buried 7 Jun 1767 at Stapleton. Grace was buried 10 Mar 1767 at Stapleton. She would have been about 31 years of age at the time of her death.

Her father Thomas Routledge was the son of a Thomas Routledge and had married in 1733. Looking for a baptism of a Thomas Routledge son of Thomas Routledge in the early 1700s yielded:

Thomas baptized 6 May 1701 son of Thomas Routledge of Kirkbeckstown

Her mother Mary Routledge was the daughter of William Routledge this yielded:

Mary baptized 23 Mar 1709 daughter of William Routledge of Akshaw [Oakshaw]

This Mary is a sister to my 4x great grandfather Henry Routledge and their mother was Grissell Routledge (I have not yet fitted her into a family line).  This is not the William Routledge mentioned in the will as his son William died as an infant (two children named William).

Interesting that the will also refers to a William Routledge  of Oakshaw. There is a William Routledge son of William Routledge of Oakshaw baptized 28 Jan 1702. But why does it give Mary's location as Kirkbeckstown. Interesting dilemma and will continue to sort through the records for Bewcastle but it would give a logical progression for this family if Mary  (mother of Grace) was of Oakshaw and sister of Henry.

Ancestry of Grace Routledge:

1. Elizabeth BLAKE
2. Helen Louise PINCOMBE (b 18 Oct 1916) - Westminster Township Middlesex County Ontario Canada
3. John Routledge PINCOMBE (b 10 Sep 1872)- Lobo Township Middlesex County Ontario Canada
4. Grace GRAY (b 22 Mar 1839) - London Township Middlesex County Ontario Canada
5. Mary ROUTLEDGE (b 1804 and b 23 Jun 1813) - Bewcastle Cumberland England
6. Elizabeth ROUTLEDGE (b 27 Aug 1763) - (Raw) Bewcastle Cumberland England

Elizabeth's father's line
7. George ROUTLEDGE (b 18 Apr 1729) - (born at Todhills lived at Raw) Bewcastle Cumberland England
8. George ROUTLEDGE (b 10 Mar 1692) - (born at Stubb and lived at Raw) Bewcastle Cumberland England

Elizabeth's mother's line
7. Grace ROUTLEDGE (b c 1730s) - Bewcastle Cumberland England

Grace's father's line
8. Thomas ROUTLEDGE (b 6 May 1701) - Kirkbeckstown Bewcastle Cumberland England

Grace's mother's line
8. Mary ROUTLEDGE - (b 27 Mar 1709) - Bewcastle Cumberland England

Mary's father's line
9. William ROUTLEDGE

Mary's mother's line:
9. Grissel ROUTLEDGE 

This looks very interesting on paper and certainly the marriage records lead me to this thinking that Mary mother of Grace Routledge and Henry father of Thomas Routledge are siblings and of Oakshaw. They are mentioned in the same will as other Oakshaw Routledge families so not unexpected.

I have a lot of Routledge lines with 3 of 4x great grandparents born Routledge. Going back another generation and looking at the six lines at least four are Routledge. I know that George Routledge (b 1729) was the son of George and Blanche Routledge and I suspect that Blanch's surname was also Routledge. I do not know the surname of the wife of Thomas Routledge (b 1701). 


K Blackman said...

Hello, I read with interest your post regarding Grace Routledge as I am also descended from several Routledge lines from Bewcastle and Stapleton. I must admit I am a bit confused. Are you saying that Grace Routledge born c1736 is the daughter of Mary Routledge of Strandheads, widow, and that Mary's husband was Thomas Routledge. If this is correct, I hope I am not out of line when I say that Mary Routledge (nee Forster) of Strandheads husband was John Routledge and their children were Adam born 1732, John born 1738, Catherine born 1739 (Catherine went on to marry Thomas Douglas), Henry born 1741, Grace born 1744 and Mary born 1748. Catherine was living at Strandheads when she married Thomas. Henry was her bondsman for her marriage. Have I got it wrong?

K Blackman said...

Hello, I read with interest your post regarding Grace Routledge as I am also a descendant from several Routledge lines from Bewcastle and Stapleton. I must admit I am a bit confused after reading it and am now in a quandary about whether my information is correct. Are you saying that Mary Routledge, widow, of Crossgreens or Strandheads is the mother of Grace born c1736 and that Marys husband was Thomas Routledge. In my family I have Mary Routledge of Strandhead's husband as John Routledge and their children were Adam born 1732 (died at Crossgreens in 1767), John born 1738, Catherine born 1739, Henry born 1741, Grace born 1744 and Mary born 1748. John Routledge married Mary Forster in 1730 at Lanercost. I am descended from Catherine, who at the time of her marriage to Thomas Douglas was living at Strandheads. Her brother Henry was her bondsman for her marriage licence. Do I have it wrong?