Wednesday, August 5, 2015

H11 haplogroup

A couple of months later than I thought I would be reporting on H11 haplogroup.

There are now 119 members of this study with 71 giving their ancestral location.

Croatia                                 2
E Europe                              1
England                              10
Finland                               14
France                                  1
Germany                              4
Greece                                  1
Hungary                               2
Ireland                                  6
Israel                                    1
Italy                                      1
Norway                                3
NW Europe                         1
Poland                                 6
Prussia                                1
Russia                                 6
Scotland                              3
Serbia                                  1
Slovakia                              1
Sweden                               3
The Netherlands                 1
Ukraine                               1
United Kingdom                 1

Combining this into distinct areas in Europe + Israel one can see first of all this is a predominantly European haplogroup thus far.

Southern Europe + Israel                      4                   

Eastern Europe                                    17

Scandinavian Penninsula                     20

Western/Central Europe                      10

British Isles                                         20

Broken into haplogroup subclades

H11                                  5

H11a                              35

H11a-207A                      2

H11a1                            30

H11a2                              3

H11a2a                            4

H11a2a1                        11

H11a2a2                         5

H11a2a3                         2

H11a2-T16092C            3

H11a3                            3

H11a4                            3

H11a5                            0

H11a6                            1

H11a7                            1

H11b                              1

H11b1                          10

To date none of these could be declared to be location specific although H11a2a1 does appear to be most commonly found in the British Isles (only 5 out of 9 reporting but two of the members report likely British Isles surnames/colonial emigrants to America) and H11a2a2 appears to be an Eastern European grouping (out of 6 members 4 report Eastern Europe, 1 reports Western Europe and 1 reports Scandinavian Peninsula).

Back mutations of 16092C do appear in the H11a2 and H11a2a clade as well as in the subclades H11a2a1 and H11a2a2. FT DNA has started reporting a back mutation in 16140C as H11a2-T16092C.

H11a1  reports 10 from the Scandinavian Peninsula, 2 from the British Isles, 10 from Eastern Europe, 2 from Central/Western Europe and 2 from Southern Europe.

The last release of the PhyloTree ( was 19 Feb 2014 and schematically it looks like:

H11      T8448C  G13759A  T16311C! 
     H11a      T961g  A16293G                                               

          H11a1      C8898T  C16278T!                                         

          H11a2      A14587G  (T16092C)                                         

               H11a2a      T16140C                                         

                    H11a2a1      A3145G                                   

                    H11a2a2      G5585A  T15670C  A16265G                       

                    H11a2a3      C9521T                                   

          H11a3      T16243C                                               

          H11a4      5899.XC  C16111T                                         

          H11a5      C15040T                                               

          H11a6      G1719A  G5979A  A16525G                                   

          T152C!  H11a7      C9911T                                         

     H11b      T13572C       

          H11b1      T7645C                                               

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