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George Lywood (1750 - possibly 1796)

52 Ancestor Challenge - Challenge 38

Blake, King, Coleman, Pearce, Farmer, Mary (unknown), Lambden, Sarah (unknown), Knight, Ellis, Knight, Vincent, Butt, O'Ford, Arnold, Molton, Cotterell, Bartlett, Alderman, Shepherd, Sherwood, Elizabeth (unknown), Happerfield, Collins, Rawlings, Tanner, Dove, Morgan, Lywood, Lanham, unknown, Peck, Pincombe, Charley, Rowcliffe, Pearse, Rew, Moggridge, Siderfin, Kent, Gray, Hilton, Cobb, Sproxton, Routledge, Tweddle, Routledge, Routledge, (unknown) Buller, unknown, Beard, Hemsley, Welch, Brockhouse, Cheatle, Woodcock, unknown Taylor, unknown, Harborne, Lewis, Roberts, Croxall, Lawley, unknown

This is the one member of the Lywood family for whom I do not have a death date. The last child of George Lywood and Elizabeth Lanham (married 18 Jul 1780 at West Harnham) was baptized  7 May 1786 at West Harnham. Their other two children Jane baptized 17 Mar 1783 at Stapleford (7 miles from West Harnham, 2 miles from Fugglestone where her father was baptized) and John baptized 22 Jan 1784 at West Harnham.

There is a Lywood one-name study at the Guild of One Name Studies and that was my introduction to One-Name studies actually. Warwick Lywood sent me  an eight generation chart for my Lywood family starting with George baptized 7 May 1786 and going back to John Lywood who died at Compton Chamberlayne and whose son Robert was born at Fovant Wiltshire circa 1581. I was amazed as that was, at that point in time, my furtherest back tree.

George, baptized in 1786, is my Waterloo Veteran. I was very excited to find him. He was also my first ancestor to set foot in Canada as he served at the Halifax garrison in the early 1800s before moving on to the Peninsular Wars and from there to Waterloo with the 23rd Regiment of Foot.

But what of his father? I know absolutely nothing and searches occasionally online have not brought up any particular information. A search on the Wiltshire and Swindon Wills Search  reveals four wills:

Ref No    Title    Date    Name    Occupation    Community       

P2/L/563  Inventory, will  1725  Lywood, William  Burcombe
P2/L/574   Administration bond  1727  Lywood, Andrew  Fugglestone St Peter
P4/1718/21  Administration bond  1718  Lywood, Charles  Salisbury
P4/1727/16  Will  1727  Lywood, Mary  Stratford-Sub-Castle

 William Lywood whose will (not yet available on the Wiltshire site) was probated in 1725 is my 7x great grandfather. He was married to Mary Deart 15 Jun 1686 at Fovant, Wiltshire. They had three children: William (my ancestor) baptized 18 Dec 1687 at Fovant (and married to Sarah Bryan 27 Sep 1710 at Idmiston, Wiltshire), Mary baptized 2 Jun 1689 at Fovant and married to Alexander Marten 2 Apr 1711 at Ebbesborne Wake, Wiltshire and Susannah baptized 8 Mar 1690 and buried 13 Nov 1697 at Fovant.

Andrew Lywood and Charles Lywood I believe are sons of John Lywood and Cicelie Smith who married 21 May 1657 at Compton Chamberlayne. This John Lywood being the son of John Lywood and Sibbell Martin who married 14 Apr 1634 in Compton Chamberlayne. Again this John Lywood was the son of John Lywood  and unknown. One more generation back the father of John was also John Lywood married to Edith Thayer. This couple were initially listed as my 10x great grandparents but for the moment I trace back to Robert Lywood and Alice Baylie who married 10 Jan 1624 at Fovant. Was Robert a son of John Lywood and Edith Thayer, I do not, at present, know the answer.

Mary Lywood at Stratford Sub Castle is unknown to me.
The National Archives (UK) has six wills and to the best of my knowledge none of them is related to me but I will look at their wills today:

PROB 11/1776/81  Will  3 Sep 1830  John Lywood  Barton Stacey  Hampshire
PROB 11/4576/280  Will  7 Oct 1700 John Lywood, Mariner On Board HMS Queen
PROB 11/1137/330  Will  28 Jan 1786  Lady Maria Lywood, Widow of Amsterdam
PROB 11/918/271  Will  9 May 1766  John Lywood, Gentleman Romsey Hampshire
PROB 11/2196/161  Will 11 Aug 1854  Leonard Lywood, Gentleman Barton Stacey Hampshire
PROB 11/713/578  Will  27 Nov 1741 Hugh Lywood, Cooper St Mary Matsellon otherwise Whitechapel, Middlesex

I have put in a link to the blog where any of the wills can be found already transcribed.

The will of Lady Maria Lywood (widow of the Reverend Johannes Christophous Morchard) does not add any details to the Lywood family. The next will for John Lywood, Gentleman, Romsey Hampshire refers to his daughter Mary Morchard and details the Capital Stock in the Bank of England which she mentions in her will. He mentions a grand daughter Anna Anthonietta Helena Morchard.

The will of Leonard Lywood (son of John Lywood at Barton Stacey) and I know is not linked to my George Lywood at this point in time. The ancestry of this Lywood family may go back prior to the 1600s but unknown to me. Contact Warwick Lywood at the Guild of one name studies for more information as he may be able to help with that.

I do not have anyone with the forename Hugh in my Lywood lines but will have a look at his will as well. The parish of St Mary Matfelon is popularly known as St Mary's Whitechapel. He only mentions his wife Sarah in the will (Hugh Lywood married Sarah Prosser 26 Oct 1733 at St Goerge in the East, Middlesex). He is possibly the son of William and Eliza Lywood baptized 19 Aug 1711 at Saint Anne Soho, Westminster. On Family Search there is a son Benjamin Reader Lywood baptized 16 Jul 1740 at St Botolph without Aldgate, London son of Hugh and Sarah Lywood. Looking at the marriage of William and Eliza[beth] Lywood it is likely that they baptized a number of children at Saint Anne Soho namely:

Elizabeth baptized 21 Feb 1700
Mary baptized 30 Jan 1703
Rose baptized 4 Oct 1705
William baptized 19 Sep 170/ buried 9 Dec 1741 St Anne Soho
Hugh baptized  19 Aug 1711
James baptized 25 Feb 1719

and at St James Westminster, Middlesex

Robert baptized 5 Dec 1699

Giving a possible marriage date by 1699 for William Lywood and Eliza[beth] unknown. 

There was a William Leywood baptized 16 Sep 1672 at St Sepulchre, London son of William and Elizabeth Leywood.  There is a burial for William Lywood 21 Nov 1729 at St Anne Soho.

Interesting the extra e in the baptism of 1672. Is this family related to the Lywood family of Wiltshire/Hampshire? It is a fairly rare surname managed by Warwick Lywood at the Guild of One Name Studies.

Using the Public Profiler site ( and going to Great Britain Family Names Lywood was most commonly found in Wiltshire on the 1881 census with some in Hampshire and a very few in greater London (Twickenham and Croydon). Then looking at the World site Lywood is found in the United Kingdom and Canada with the highest frequency per million in Canada (2.52 as compared to 2.01 in the United Kingdon).

But I did not find a burial for George Lywood, my 4x great grandfather, in this 52 ancestor challenge. I think he may have been alive in 1791 as I find an outpatient admittance in Salisbury 11 Jun 1791 and again 17 Mar 1792. A record I found earlier was for a George Lywood born in 1778 who was buried 15 May 1796 but I can not find a George who fits into that in West Harnham where my Lywood family lived. I wonder if it is an error in transcription and that this George was actually born in 1750 and was 46 when he died. Perhaps one day I will have a look at the original Wiltshire parish registers.

 Ancestry of George Lywood:

1. Elizabeth BLAKE
2. Ernest Edward George BLAKE (b 20 Aug 1904) - Eastleigh Hampshire England
3. Edith Bessie TAYLOR (b 1 Apr 1875) - Kimpton Hampshire England
4. Elizabeth RAWLINGS (b 19 Oct 1853) - Enford Wiltshire England
5. Elizabeth LYWOOD (b 25 Dec 1826) - Milston Wiltshire England
6. George LYWOOD (b 7 May 1786) - West Harnham Wiltshire England
7. George LYWOOD (b 11 Nov 1750) - Fugglestone St Peter Wiltshire England
8. George LYWOOD (b 12 Feb 1723) - Fugglestone St Peter Wiltshire England
9. William LYWOOD (b 18 Dec 1687) - Fovant Wiltshire England
10. William LYWOOD (b 22 Oct 1665) - Fovant Wiltshire England
11. Robert LYWOOD (b 1 Mar 1628) - Fovant Wiltshire England
12. Robert LYWOOD (b c 1581) - Fovant Wiltshire England


valevers said...

I am interested in the Hampshire Lywoods and haqve come across a will for John Lywood (wife mary saunders) In Johns will their daughter Mary is referred to as Mary Morchard with a daughter Anna Anthonetta Helena Morchard, have you come across them? my Lywoods are in and around Kingsomborne and Barton Stacey Hampshire

Elizabeth Kipp said...

That is not my line. The best person to ask is Warwick Lywood as he runs the Lywood one name study at the Guild of one name studies.