Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Marriage Bond for George Routledge and Grace Routledge

From the Carlisle Marriage Bonds:

1 Feb 1763        George Routledge, Raw, Bc Yeo and Grace Routledge, Oakshaw, Bc.  At Bc
Bond:  Thomas Armstrong, Lowgrains., Bc.  Page 4  [at Bc:  George & Grace, license 16 Jun 1763]

I had forgotten about this record that shows Grace Routledge was of Oakshaw.  Talking to the correspondent re the Will abstract of Archibald Forrester I realized that Grace was buried before Archibald. The will is undated as far as I know but it would appear that he likely knew of the death of Grace. The abstract which was provided by the correspondent:

"Will proved 1767:- Archibald Forrester of Cleughside, Bewcastle.
my friend Arthur Kennedie
my relation Sibilla wife of Alexander Kennedie of Cleughside
Helenor wife of Robert Henderson
Catherine daughter of Robert Henderson
rest of Robert Hendersons children
John Kennedie, son of Alexander Kennedie
Thomas son of Alexander Kennedie
Catherine, daughter of Alexander Kennedie
Elizabeth Kennedie of Cleughside
Mary Routledge, widow of Crossgreens or Strandheads
Mary Routledge’s daughters Grace and Mary
Mary Routledge’s sons Adam, John, and Henry
Catherine wife of Thomas Dowglas of Ash
William son of late William Routledge of Oakshaw
late Henry Routledge of Borderigg’s 3 children
George Routledge and his 2 children of Oakshaw
Leonard Routledge of Oakshaw
John Routledge, my sisters son.
Witnesses to will:- John Forrester and Francis Armstrong."

Reading through this abstract gives you a slightly different impression of the will. Was Archibald Forrester's wife a Routledge or was it that his sister had married a Routledge or both? He mentions that Sibilla Routledge is a relation to him.
Perhaps even more information will be forthcoming. I shall go back and search through some more of my documents as well to see what I can find.

Also the statement that there was only one Archibald Forrester buried at Stapleton in this time period and that was in 1767. So I have perhaps misread the abstract in the long run.

There are two baptisms for Grace Routledge in the 1740s and I will have to look at both of them once again. 

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