Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Phasing recommenced

Recommenced phasing of the parent's DNA with one section X being worked on by one sibling and I am working on Chromosome 22. Wanted to try a particular pattern working on the shortest one and it does appear to be working well. I created a Mendelian Genetic Chart showing the different combinations. With five sets of data (four complete and one integrated in from FT DNA) I am getting better results than with the FT DNA data on three people. That is to be expected because five is always better than three! I continue to be amazed at how I am the one that is different. I guess when you feel different in a family then perhaps you actually are!

I am just starting now to write to cousins to see if they would be willing to test. That would let me work on my grandparent's DNA as well. Curiosity about DNA led me to genealogy back in the early 2000s and it continues to lead my research. I still delve into a lot of old records but the DNA helps me to focus on particular lines. A match in any of those lines helps to verify the research that I do further back in some lines - Lywood is a good example where I now have two separate DNA matches at AncestryDNA which are between seventh cousins. There do not appear to be any other lines on which we are related and these are 4th to 6th cousin matches. One would assume that I inherited more on my Grandmother's Blake side to have these matches show up so strongly. Once I have tested one of my brothers at Ancestry DNA I will see how his matches compare to mine. A project for this next month actually is getting that test kit mailed out.

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