Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blake Newsletter to come 1 January 2016

I am just starting to compile the Blake Newsletter for the 1 January 2016. It will be Volume 5. This is one item I hope to continue with into the future even though I will at some point in the coming years stop active research on the Blake families other than my own. I hope to bring together a group of Blake researchers however, in the DNA project, who will actively work on their lines and be sources for information for other Blake members seeking to find their ancestral line.

I can not really say based on the DNA results whether you can expect your line in any particular area. Even my own line is most commonly found (by DNA results) in Irelandand my line on paper is going back into the early 1400s at Knights Enham near Andover. R1b is found all over the British Isles and one distinct line is in the Wiltshire/Dorset area going back hundreds of years. It is also found in Ireland with a distinct line showing up for some Galway Blake descendants that have grouped themselves and work actively amongst themselves improving on the knowledge for that line.

Blake though can be found throughout history in the British Isles in a number of areas as land holders, merchants, craftsmen and labourers. Historically Blake has played a large role at many time periods in the British Isles.

I am though noticing the time is passing and I do want to get into some of my own research once again so that I do know that the number of years that I will continue actively researching in lines other than my own is starting to draw to a close.

If anyone has any entries for the next newsletter please do send them on to me at I tend to keep the newsletter to two pages unless I have other copy to put in. I do not mind how long it gets if there is Blake information to add. I could fill it with wills and other documents but I have blogged on a goodly number of them and a quick search on the blog may reveal information to you that would be helpful in your research.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Other than my 52 Ancestor Challenges (three remain to publish) I do not think I will be doing much new blogging in the next few weeks. I must admit to missing my regular life of transciption of wills and writing blogs but time has disappeared and I doubt that I am going to find great amounts of it again in the near future.

I am in the midst of organizing all my material for a couple of projects that will then keep me organized into the future hopefully.

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