Monday, December 28, 2015

Snow finally snow

We finally had a snowfall; not a lot but it has begun. We are so used to snow that not having it seems like a bit of a shock! No skating; no skiing and even walking in the snow is fun when there isn't any ice.

Must get out shopping now that the madness of Boxing Day specials is over. Usually we do not shop on Boxing Day very much. Just too busy and we are in a downsizing mood. Interesting looking back at earlier pictures when our house was much emptier and we were young. Then we spent the next 30 years filling the house up and now we want to empty it again! Interesting concept really and perhaps these days people do less of the filling up.

The end of 2015 and I reached 70 years this year. When I was young I used to wonder what it would be like in 2015. I imagined that we would be further along with space travel. That we would know more about the universe and would be in more control of our planet in terms of protecting the environment. But it is never to late to work on that one as well.

2016 is going to be my year to get things written up. Construct a new path for my one name studies and keep up with my emails which have climbed to 50 in my inbox that need to be answered. For some I just cannot decide how to answer them. Now that I have so much material online I get queries from all around the world wondering why I came up with the thoughts that I did. So many people want to be related to Admiral Robert Blake. I am beginning to wonder if I am the only person in the world who does not mind being related to just the people that I actually am related to! I have no interest in trying to match myself up to any famous ancestors. I just think that is unlikely. My grandfather Blake always said we were not related to Admiral Blake and that is certainly good enough for me. I do not think we are either.

It is just so much fun to find the people that I am related to that trying to work through a maze reaching out to 20th cousins just doesn't really appeal to me.

The next 52 ancestor Challenge and likely I will not repeat that exercise again for a while but it just seemed like an opportune time to relook at all those French Canadian ancestors, my husband's colonial ancestors that I was really tempted to do that.

For myself I continue with my story and I am up to 1992 and over 400 pages. There are hundreds and hundred of pictures included as I decided the best way to tell one's story is in pictures especially given that both my husband and my father were avid picture takers. I also thought that in the future one is more likely to pick up a story about the pictures than to sit and look at the 30 family picture albums that we put together throughout our 50 years of marriage. Yes indeed this year we will be married 50 years. I was 20 when we married and it does seem like a long long time ago. Memories of my life before marriage have faded a great deal plus that house has not been my parent's home for over 40 years so no constant remembrance there.

How to celebrate such an anniversary; it will be with a month long trip through the British Isles (escorted tour) and we are looking forward to doing that.

All in all 2016 looks to be a rather interesting year. I have one lecture left to give and it is a joint lecture with John Reid (he will be the principal speaker) and it is a 2 hour workshop on DNA at the Ottawa Public Library Saturday, January 30th.

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