Saturday, January 9, 2016

Decision Time

I have made a decision that I will step back from my one name studies for a couple of months. I have a couple of projects that I simply want to do and the one name studies do not add anything to those projects. I will maintain the yDNA study and answer correspondence as it works in. I am owing a few emails at the moment but I will not carry out any more one name study research for the  moment. I will return to it in April.

I have one commitment to help with a workshop on DNA the 30th of January and I am starting to prepare those slides but other than that my focus is on writing the story of my family as I  know it. I have actually completed my own story to the present although need now to go back in and add the "personal part" that I can find in my correspondence to my mother for over 15 years and other correspondents namely my cousin Ivan in England over a twenty year period and my Great Aunt Sarah for about five years. I have both sides of correspondence with my mother as she returned my letters to me.

All the Best of the New Year to everyone. I will continue with the 52 ancestor challenge although perhaps the detail will be added where missing over the year particularly for the French Canadian ancestors as I need trips to Library and Archives Canada to flesh out that information.

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