Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wills still to be transcribed

Just before I return to the wills for transcribing, I decided to create an ongoing list of what I still have to complete that I have copies for transcription. I may for the moment go alphabetical until I find that I need to follow another flow. Blake will continue to be my high priority. 

Blake Wills 394

Hertfordshire 4
Huntingdonshire 2
Lincolnshire 3
London 41
Middlesex 145
Miscellaneous 81
Norfolk 16
Northamptonshire 6
Northumberland 4
Nottinghamshire 1
Oxfordshire 12
Rutland 4
Shropshire 1
Suffolk 11
Surrey 45
Sussex 6
Warwickshire 6
Worcestershire 1

Other surnames 132

Abbs 1
King 17
Kingdon 1
Kip 3
Locke 7
Burges 1
Butt 1
Carter 3
Chorley-Churley-Charley 15
Coffin 3
Knight 2
Lambden 5
Moggeridge-Modridg-Moggridge 6
Question 3
Quirke 1
Rawlings-Rawlins 12
Robson 2
Rolles 3
Siderfin 3
Snowe 5
Tapp 1
Thomas 3
Upcott 3
Vicary 6

I have also acquired a number of wills which includes primarily Blake at Record Offices (not PCC which all the above Blake are)

namely from Dorset, Hampshire, London, Westminster, Gloucestershire Record Offices

446 wills

Family Search I still have 42 wills to transcribe

Total number of wills is an amazing number:   900+ wills

I continue to write up my own family history and I am now working on my 2x great grandparents and all of their children. I have almost finished my paternal side. I am bringing everyone as close to the present as possible in order to make use of my matches at the various DNA sites where I have tested myself and my siblings.   I am also working on recreating my parents and grandparents DNA. A fascinating trip through time that has quite captured my interest as well.

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