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Comparison of Family Finder Results with four siblings

Finally I was able to upload a second brother to Find My Past and open his results there including My Origins. It was somewhat of a surprise as I have tested him at 23 and Me, Ancestry and now this upload to FT DNA. The surprise was 94% British Isles. All of our ancestors are from England going back many many generations. I need to be back into at least the 1700s where I may have a German ancestor (not yet proven) and then back into the 1500s with known Huguenot ancestors. So 94% is not a surprise but most people living in the British Isles do not test at 94%.

Comparison of Siblings:

Sibling 1                  

94% British Isles
2% Scandinavia
4% Eastern Middle East

Sibling 2

84% British Isles
9% Southern Europe
8% Scandinavia

Sibling 3

60% British Isles
19% Scandinavia
15% Southern Europe
5% Western and Central Europe


51% British Isles
33% Scandinavia
12% Western and Central Europe
3% Asia Minor
1% North Africa

Looking at this with respect to where my five waves of ancestors who came to Canada actually lived  in the British Isles is also interesting.

My first wave of ancestors (Thomas Routledge his wife Elizabeth (Routledge) Routledge) and their family which included their daughter Mary (Routledge) Gray) emigrated to Canada from Bewcastle, Cumberland in the summer of 1818. This family is found in the Bewcastle area back into the 1600s (and likely earlier). The mother of Thomas Routledge was from Lanercost which is slightly south of Bewcastle but still in Cumberland.

My second wave of ancestors (Robert Gray (Junior) came on his own actually) emigrated to Canada from Etton, East Riding of Yorkshire in 1832 as far as I can determine from his land records. This family is found in this area including, Etton, Cherry Burton, Kilnwick, Watton, Holme on the Wolds, Lund, Great Driffield, and Hutton Cranswick. This area all being around Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire slightly to the north and north west.

My third wave of ancestors (John Pincombe, his wife Elizabeth (Rew) Pincombe and their family which included their son William Robert Pincombe) emigrated to Canada from Molland, Devon in the fall of 1850 arriving in the Port of New York 7 Jan 1851 and in Canada in the spring of 1851. This Pincombe family is found in Bishops Nympton going back to the late 1500s, Rose Ash, Merton, North Molton, Landkey and South Molton. The Rew family is found in Selworthy, Somerset back into the 1500s as well as Wootton Courtney, Minehead, Dulverton, Cutcombe, Porlock, Dunster, and Luxborough. These villages all being in west Somerset running west from Minehead towards the Exmoors.

My fourth wave of ancestors (again a singleton, Ellen Rosina (Buller) Pincombe) emigrated to Canada in 1908 from Birmingham, England but her father's family was from both Bermondsey, Surrey and Staffordshire/Leicestershire. This includes Newington Surrey and Rugeley and Lichfield in  Staffordshire and Ashby de la Zouch and Loughborough in Leicestershire. These villages/cities all being in an area roughly north and north east of Birmingham and south of London. Her mother's family is somewhat of a mystery although she was born in Birmingham according to her death certificate. However the Irish ancestry is a mystery and family lore does point that way for her ancestry.

My fifth wave of ancestors (Samuel George Blake, his wife Edith Bessie (Taylor) Blake and their son Ernest Edward George Blake) came to Canada in 1913. The Blake family itself is from the Andover area of Hampshire including Upper Clatford, Penton Mewsey, and Knights Enham. My grandfather's mother was from Turnworth, Dorset and her families were found in this area including Winterborne Clenstone, Winterborne Stickland, Winterborne Whitchurch, Spetisbury, and Milton Abbas. Edith Bessie Taylor aka Ada Bessie Cotterill Rawlings families are from Kimpton, Hampshire and before that Enford, Milston, West Harnahan, Fugglestone St Peter, Odstock, Melksham, Fovant and South Newton in Wiltshire. These villages all being in the rural area running west and slightly south from Andover, Hampshire.

The Scandinavian is interesting and does point out a strong difference in inheritance between all of us. I am going to do the Living DNA on my brother and I and perhaps it will be possible to upload the other two sets of data to this site in the future to give me a well rounded look at the entire family.

 Ancestry DNA has produced an interesting chart in Science Tech

where they predict that the East Midlands has the most Scandinavian ancestry at 10.37%. The East Midlands according to their map includes: Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire (not North and North east), Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland.

I do have three of us tested at Ancestry:

Sibling 1

76% Western Europe
17% Ireland
5% Scandinavia
1% Iberian Peninsula
1% Great Britain

Sibling 2

27% Great Britain
26% Scandinavia
21% Western Europe
19% Ireland
5% Iberian Peninsula
1% Italy/Greece


64% Great Britain
14% Ireland
Western Europe 11%
6% Scandinavia
1% Iberian Peninsula
1% Eastern Europe

I also have results from 23 and Me

Sibling 1

47.3% British and Irish
20.9% French and German
1.0% Scandinavian
28.0% Northwestern European
0.2% Ashkenazi Jewish

Sibling 2

58.7% British and Irish
21.2% French and German
2.9% Scandinavian
16.7% Northwestern European

Sibling 3

 51.0% British and Irish
15.7% French and German
3.4% Scandinavian
26.0% Northwestern European
1% Southern European


 54.2% British and Irish
14.4% French and German
2.0% Scandinavian
0.2% Ashkenazi Jewish
27.9% Northwestern European

The results are all somewhat similar but do not really concentrate on the British Isles which I hope to acquire when I test my brother and myself at Living DNA shortly.

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