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Will of Dulcia Lavinia Kip, Zierikzee, Zeeland, The Netherlands - The National Archives, PROB 11/1570, probated 27 Jul 1815

My husband does a Kip/Kipp one name study and this will was for him.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 18 Mar 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/1570
Name of testator: Dulcia Lavinia Kip
Place: Zierikzee, Zeeland, The Netherlands
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 31 Dec 1803, probated 27 Jul 1815
[In margin] Johannis Kingdon

1    On this Day the thirty first December in the year
2    One thousand eight hundred and three before me I Mosselmans
3    Notary admitted by the Court of Holland and Zeeland residing at
4    Zierik Zee and in the presence of the afternamed witnesses appeared
5    Madam Dulcia Lavinia Kip widow of the late Mr Georgus
6    Hoogendorp whilst living Minister of the Dutch Reformed Community
q    in this city living here who declared to have some effects Stocks in
8    the public funds and other Goods and Credits in the Kingdom of Great
9    Britain has by these presents constituted and appointed Executor
10    of this her last Will and Testament limited to her said effects Stocks in
11    the public funds and other goods and Credits and for administrator of
12    all such effects Stocks in the public funds and other goods and credits
13    as she at the time of her decease may have in
14    the aforesaid kingdom of Great Britain or which at any time may
15    belong to her in the aforesaid kingdom Mr William Adrian de Jonge
16    doctor of Laws practicing advocate and living in this city giving to him
17    all such power and authority as can or may be given to testamentary
18    Executors to put and transfer immediately after her the testatior decease
19    all and singular the said effects Stocks in the public funds and other
20    goods and credits now accepted into the name or names of all or any
21    of her executors or to any other person or persons and further to
22    manage administer sell alienate charge and nominate to receive the
23    consideration money and to give receipt for the same as she the
24    testatrix requested that after her decease a probate may be granted of
25    this her testament and administration of all and singular her effects
26    Stocks Goods and credits situate in the aforesaid kingdom of Great Britain
27    to her aforesaid executor she the lady testatrix requesting that by me
28    Notary be ______ An Act there of in form and being her testament and
29    last Will respecting her effects Stocks goods and credits in the said kingdom
30    of Great Britain This passed  signed sealed and declared by the said
31    Lady Testatrix in Zierik Zee aforesaid in the presence of Francois
32    Adriaan van Landyk Abraham Steemdyk as witnesses who together
33    with the lady appearer and me Notary signed these presents on the
34    day and year above written Dulcia Lavinia Kip and Hogendorp
35    I Mosselmans Notary Signed and sealed in the presence of us as
36    Witnesses Francois Adr v Landyk A Steemdyk
37    Registered at Zierik Zee the 27 May 1815 vol 3 page 196 v die 3
38    received for duty with additional one Guilder 16 ____ W de Jonge
39    Faithfully translated from the original Dutch last will
40    to English in London the 14 Jun 1818 Quod al testor
41    A J Guitard Not Pub
42    Proved at London 27th July 1815 before the Judge by the Oath of
43    Willem Adrian de Jonge Doctor of Laws the sole Executor to whom
44    admin was granted (limited by the effects Stocks in the funds and other
45    Goods in Great Britain) being first sworn by Comon duly to admin

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