Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The perennial event in my life has begun now that the back yard has dried up. I am busy digging the vegetable garden which will shrink at the end of this summer. Right now it is about 10 feet by 20 feet and for this older woman nearly 72 that is a lot of digging although I do not mind doing it. I remember my grandmother's garden and helping her dig that when I was in my teens. My brother used to do it but when he went to work he didn't have time to dig so I took it on although initially my grandmother said I was too small too dig. But I did prove her wrong on that and was good at digging. It is fun remembering all that good time with my grandmother all those years ago. My maternal grandmother was 59 when I was born and so just about my age now when I was in my early teens. She was still bright and quick and quite strong.

I wouldn't trust me too far in a flower garden though; If the plant is big enough and I recognize it I wont dig it up but I am a little clumsy amongst the flowers and really prefer to work with a small hand spade where I do much better. Ed though is feeling up to slowly working his way through the flower gardens although I did help him with the larger one out front. The back ones run along the back of the house and the sides of the yard and he can work away slowly at them although I think he has been quite speedy. It takes me ages to work them up!

The flowers will be nice and the vegetables but the genealogy will suffer for the next few months. Plus working away on the Conference takes some time and the net result is no wills probably for a week or so. 

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