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Arnold Family of Milton Abbas, Dorset

Recently a number of messages on a facebook website and later personal emails have left me with a few thoughts to ponder. Initially I had met the individual involved on the Dorset rootsweb mailing site (about ten years ago) and I had given to her my family tree as known to me for the Arnold family. In retrospect, I think she was just trying to get me to agree that a child born quite a bit later than the siblings of my Hannah Arnold was the illegitimate child of a younger sister of Hannah. I must admit that it crossed my mind but there really has never been any solid proof of that. Now with DNA it could certainly be proven or not as the case may be. My own line is as follows:

Myself, daughter of
Ernest Edward George Blake (b Eastleigh Hampshire England), son of
Samuel George Blake (b Upper Clatford Hampshire England), son of
Maria Jane Knight (b Turnworth Dorset England), daughter of
Louisa Butt (b Spetisbury Dorset England), daughter of
Hannah Arnold (b Winterborne Whitchurch Dorset England), daughter of
William Arnold (b Milton Abbas Dorset England), son of
John Arnold (b Milton Abbas Dorset England), son of
John Arnold (b Milton Abbas Dorset England), son of
James Arnold (b Milton Abbas Dorset England), son of
James Arnold

At that time the surname of William Arnold's wife was said to be Malton, Elizabeth Malton. Their marriage registration appears below:

It was this marriage registration that convinced me that the spelling of Elizabeth's surname was Molton. She has signed the marriage registration herself. Her husband William has also signed himself and he has managed to leave the d off of his surname. Nevertheless I believe that Elizabeth has given a hint to her ancestors with her signature.

Noting the "a" in Elizabeth and comparing it with the two vowels in the surname and I believe that these are both o's even though the priest has recorded the spelling of her name as Malton. I believe he is incorrect. I think we need to have our eyes open as we investigate our families. Her signature is clear and well formed like someone who writes often.

Because of her signature it was possible to find an Elizabeth Molton of Winterbourne Whitchurch (as mentioned in the registration). There isn't an Elizabeth Malton born in the correct time frame in this area. This was a brick wall for me before I found the marriage registration a few years ago.

Parents of Elizabeth appear to be William Molton (likely baptized 2nd August 1743 at Winterborne Whitchurch son of John Molton and Elizabeth Durden (married 12 Aug 1740 at Turnworth))  who married Sarah Seafear 5th January 1764 at Winterborne Clenstone. Sarah was buried 13th Jan 1799 at Winterborne Whitchurch. William Molton and Sarah (Seafear) Molton baptized five children all at Winterborne Whitchurch:

Thomas Molton baptized 11 Jun 1764 and buried 10th Feb 1765 at Winterborne Whitchurch
Elizabeth Molton baptized 20 Apr 1766
Stephen Molton baptized 12 Jan 1772
Jane Molton baptized 1 May 1774
William Molton baptized 7 Apr 1782

John Molton (likely baptized 20 Jul 1714 at Winterborne Whitchurch son of John and Elizabeth Molton) and Elizabeth Durden baptized the following children at Winterborne Whitchurch:

William Molton baptized 2 Aug 1743
Jane Molton baptized 2 Jun 1749
Robert Molton baptized 29 Nov 1753
John Molton baptized 18 Jan 1756

It is good to be helpful to each other in genealogy I think.

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