Thursday, October 26, 2017

Second DNA Circle at Ancestry

Although I am not doing a lot of research  these days,  the arrival of a new DNA circle at Ancestry was a welcomed surprise.

Jeremiah Rawlins is the ancestor celebrated in this newest DNA circle. He was my 4x great grandfather and his baptism provided a good amount of discussion because all of his siblings were baptized at Enford, Wiltshire whereas he was baptized at Netheravon (not far away in distance only about 3 kilometres). So far, no reason for the baptism being at Netheravon has arisen. Perhaps the priest at Enford was not available; perhaps they had moved house in that time period returning to Enford once again; all sorts of ideas present themselves for thought.

Jeremiah Rawlins was baptized 13 Apr 1755 son of William Rawlins and Mary Ford. He married Sarah Tanner 1 Nov 1780 at Tilshead (the priest kindly wrote on the marriage registration that Jeremiah was of Enford). They had nine children between 1781 and 1801 and he was buried 6 Dec 1834 at Fifield (all in Wiltshire). My line descends from his eldest son Thomas Rawlins. The circle is still small (just six members (of whom three are my close relatives)) but welcomed none the less. As my matches continue to flow in (albeit slowly), I can see more DNA circles in the future as the information comes together.

I am now up to 17 shared ancestor hints and I have corresponded or attempted to correspond with all of these matches. One of my best matches is a mystery as she does not respond. But then my best matches at ancestry are just 57 centimorgans spread over 5 segments and 57 centimorgans spread over three segments other than my siblings.

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