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Blake Newsletter - Volume 7, Issue 1, 2018

Blake Newsletter
Table of Contents
1.   Blake Pedigree Chart – Blake Museum at Bridgwater, Somerset
2.   Blake Surname Study - Progress
3.   Blake autosomal DNA Study at FT DNA
4.   Andover, Hampshire, England Parish Registers
5.   yDNA study FT DNA
6.   The Future

1.   Blake Pedigree Chart – Blake Museum at Bridgwater, Somerset. This is a recent addition to their website:

The Blake Museum has given me permission to put these charts in the newsletter so I will continue with looking at them individually. Part 1 was shown in Volume 6, Issue 4, 2017 of the Blake Newsletter. This Issue will have the image named as Part 2.

*Used with permission
Part 2 of the chart looks at the Blake family at Andover in the top left quadrant. As mentioned in the last issue of the newsletter the broken line joining this Blake family to the Blake family at Calne includes a cautionary note that this particular line of relation has not been fully established. I do not believe that these two Blake families are related on the male line. The Chart displayed coincides with Horatio Gates Somerby chart on this family and is not supported by the wills left by members of this family. His work on the Blake family has been discredited by myself and others. The addition of the Farewell family to this particular chart is quite interesting and may help researchers if they are able to substantiate the records displayed. The Blake records found in the lower section of this Chart will be discussed later but they are descendants of the Somerset Blake family. Perhaps over time descendants of the Blake family from the Bridgwater, Somerset area will test their yDNA and the very long standing question will be answered as to the relationship between the Blake family at Calne and the Blake family at Bridgwater. In truth, there hasn’t been a tester with a proven paper line back to the Blake family at Calne and that too must be awaited. Thank you to the Museum for permitting the republication of their chart to this Blake Newsletter.

2.   Blake Surname Study – Progress: One Name Blake Study at the Guild of One-name Studies was originally undertaken by another researcher. I took it on as a project in 2011 when my husband was ill and we were spending all of our time at home while he convalesced. Fortunately, following surgery, he was able to again take on commitments that he enjoyed and my time to work on the Blake study diminished. Hopefully, as he steps back from some of his commitments, I will once again be able to become more fully engaged with my study. In that frame of mind, I say once again that I hope to soon return to blogging the Blake wills from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and other Registry Offices. Unfortunately my time is still limited in my ability to spend as much time on the Blake Study as I would like. Perhaps in another six months time will present itself although I will attempt to get back to transcribing the Blake wills.

3.   Blake autosomal DNA Study at FT DNA
I continue having more matches with the descendants of John Blake and Ann Farmer. In some cases these are large matches and in other cases relatively small but that is the way with the inheritance of autosomal DNA. With each generation chunks of autosomal DNA can either be broken into smaller units or passed as a large chunk relatively intact. It is a purely random event. Due to privacy concerns it is not possible to produce a chart of the members who do have matches with other members of the group but each member is able to check that for themselves in their account. What would be helpful is adding a family tree to your account thus making it much more possible to find matching autosomal DNA cousins in your research.

4.   Andover, Hampshire, England Parish Registers
Andover, Hampshire, England has often been said to be the “home of the Blakes” when I have been writing to people in Hampshire through the years. I would say that Calne, Wiltshire perhaps has a stronger hold on that particular title although there are a number of other areas in England where the Blake family has been for centuries. When I decided to transcribe the Parish Registers of Andover I was surprised to find that yes there are a number of Blake entries but there are far more Blake entries in Parish Registers in other parts of England as mentioned. In this issue, I will publish the burials for Blake in the Parish Registers. These records are taken from fiche which have scans of the original parish registers. The registers for burials begin in 1586 and have provided me with a lot of details on the Blake family in Andover in the late 1500s and into the 1600s/1700s. Eventually I hope to complete my project of transcribing these Parish Registers for St Marys Andover beyond the early to mid 1700s.
I am considering posting the entire set of Andover transcriptions in these newsletters in order to make the information available to other Blake researchers. 

 Surname    Forename    status    Surname    Forename    Surname    Forename    Year    Month    Day    Comment
Blak    William    son    Blak    Mr. Richard        1638    January    26  
Blake    Nycolas                        1586    March    1  
Blake    Elizabeth                        1589    October    2    widow
Blake    Roberd    son    Blake    Roberd            1593    August    4  
Blake    John    son    Blake    John            1596    July    17    of Penton
Blake    Jo….    daughter    Blake    John            1596    September    17  
Blake    Margrat                        1597    August    8  
Blake    _______    son    Blake    Ritchard            1599    March    2  
Blake    John                        1603    April    17  
Blake    Augustine    son    Blake       Joane    1603    March    10    widow
Blake    Robert                        1604    March    15  
Blake    Robert                        1604            died March 10
Blake    Ann    wife    Blake    Edward            1605    July    3    of Charleton
Blake    Thomas                        1608    June    11    of Foxscott
Blake    Elsabeth    wife    Blake    Robert    1608    August    8    at Enham
Blake    Robert                        1609    November    10  
Blake    Margerie                        1609    December    8  
Blake    Nicholas                        1611    June    24  
Blake    Alce    daughter    Blake    Robert            1611    June    12  
Blake    Elizabeth    wife    Blake    Mr. William        1613    May    20  
Blake    Alice    daughter    Blake    Richard          1613    September    11  
Blake    Mrs. Margaret                    1613    September    12    widow
Blake    Richard                        1614    May    21  
Blake    Peter                        1614    August    16  
Blake    Aggas                        1614    September    3  
Blake    Margery                        1614    October    28    widow
Blake    Robert                        1615    September    10  
Blake    Robert                        1619    September    20  
Blake    Elizabeth    wife    Blake    John            1620    March    19  
Blake    John    son    Blake    Henry            1622    November    6  
Blake    Mr. Richard                    1622    January    14  
Blake    Peeter                        1624    November      
Blake    John                        1624    March    14    of Charleton
Blake    Edward                        1625    April    7    of ______
Blake    Kathern    wife    Blake    Nicholas            1627    January    5  
Blake        infant    Blake    Edward            1629    September    21  
Blake        infant    Blake    Edward            1629    September    21  
Blake    Mrs. Jone                        1631    May    20    widow
Blake            Blake    Mr. William        1631    June    9  
Blake    Rebecca    daughter    Blake    John            1639    June    7  
Blake    Mr. William                    1642    May    4  
Blake    Mr. Richard                    1644    April    12    of London
Blake            Blake    Mr. Richard        1644    October    8  
Blake    Mrs.                        1648    March    28  
Blake    Mr. Richard                    1648    April    4  
Blake    Edward                        1653    March    15    of Charlton
Blake    Hercules                        1656    May    26    of Enham
Blake    Mr. William                    1656    December    5    buried at Enham
Blake    Richard    son            Blake    widdow    1658    October    3  
Blake    Sarah    daughter    Blake    Mr Richard        1675 November    24  
Blake    John                        1676    September    17  
Blake        son    Blake    Mr. Peter            1676    October    1  
Blake    Mr. Nicholas                    1677    March    14    of G______
Blake    Mr. Robert                    1678    October    7    woollen,
Blake    Margery 1679    September    23    of Charlton, woollen,
Blake    Mr. Richard                    1682    February    2    woollen
Blake    John    son    Blake    John            1684    February    15    woollen
Blake    Peter                        1691    January    5    esquire, woollen
Blake    Mr. Peter                        1693    December    6    woollen
Blake    Elizabeth    daughter    Blake  John 1693    January    15    woollen
Blake    Richard    son    Blake    John            1694    July    25    woollen
Blake    Mr C A                        1694    August    27    woollen
Blake    William                        1696    May    1    of Foxcott, woollen
Blake    Charles                        1697    October    4    woollen
Blake    Jane    widow                    1697    October    8    woollen
Blake    Anne    daughter    Blake    John            1702    April    17    woollen
Blake    Joannah daughter Blake Robert  1702    September    23    woollen
Blake    James    son    Blake    Mr. Robert   1710    October    24    woollen
Blake    Anne    daughter    Blake    John            1711    June    20    woollen
Blake    Elizabeth                        1713    September    9    woollen
Blake    Thomas                        1714    January    29    woollen
Blake    Jane    daughter    Blake    Robert    1718    October    13    woollen
Blake    Robert                        1729    May    15  
Blake    Robert    son    Blake    John            1729    November    27  
Blake    Mary                        1730    February    8  
Blake    Joseph    son    Blake    Joseph  Elizabeth    1733    February    3  
Blake    the widow                        1734    April    2  
Blake    Elizabeth                        1736    October    20  
Blake    Sarah                        1740    December    25  
Blake    Joseph    son    Blake    Joseph            1746    December    17  
Blake    Mary                        1747    April    16  
Blake    Betty                        1747    October    13  
Blake    Francis                        1752    August    18  
Blake    Mary                        1755    May    28  
Blake alias Noyse    Dorothy                        1632    February    27  

5.   Blake Surname yDNA Project

yDNA studies are proving to be a very successful method of connecting back to your ancestral Blake line. Movement of people in particular emigrations has broken that connection for many Blake family lines.

I have now added the Big Y to my brother’s test and the results are due in mid March. I will leave any discussion on yDNA until the next newsletter.

6.   The Future
I hope to continue with the newsletter for quite a while. At 72 years of age I realize that my time doing the Blake Study is limited so I would like to be able in the next ten years to hand it off to someone interested in continuing and keeping research ongoing into this ancient family. Although some believe that there is common ancestry for this family back to a singleton individual, that is simply not possible given the various haplogroups. The surname Blak[e] can be seen to have arisen spontaneously on the continent considering the number of males with the Blake surname who came to England between 1330 and 1550 from areas outside of England including various places in Europe and also Ireland.

Elizabeth Kipp,
Member #4600: Guild of one name studies – studying Blake and Pincombe

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