Saturday, February 17, 2018

Way behind answering emails

Life is pretty hectic at the moment and I am way behind answering emails. I hope to get to some of the really outstanding ones this weekend.

Waiting patiently for Big Y Results for our Blake yDNA and they are due in mid to late March. I am fairly sure where these results will take us but nice to see the actual test results. This Blake line is quite ancient to the British Isles with the I-L1498 designation by FT DNA and the I-S2640 by Britains DNA. This is named as the "Deer Hunters" by Britains DNA. The Genetic Signature from the chromo2 chip is most interesting and with the newer testing by other companies add a number of other known common mutations to this particular line.  I had considered doing a full genetic scan of my brother but decided if I ever do do that I will do it on myself.

Other than that the days pass quickly the last six months and will continue apace for another six months. I hope to get back to writing our family story in the next few weeks but time will tell how much I get done.

I have not taken on any new projects other than looking at my DNA matches and I continue with those projects. I want to get back to my last post where I talked about match pileups and whether I can sort them into a particular grandparent phasing chart that I have produced. That is still a work in progress.

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