Monday, May 7, 2018

422,000 page views in nine and a half years

I was surprised to discover that there have been nearly 422,000 page views in the past nine and a half years since I started my blog. There have been a few times when it would appear that individuals are reading them like a book from the beginning.

Most popular posts

1852 pageviews  - Welch at Rugeley, Staffordshire and Birmingham (24 May 2011) (this rather family oriented post surprised me until I noted that it includes the land tax assessments for Rugeley from 1813 and likely this is the popular item in that post)

1303 pageviews - 100,000 page views - 26th February 2014 (noting it took six years nearly to reach 100,000 and now just four more years to reach over 400,000)

829 pageviews - The Rashleigh Family of Devon and Cornwall (14 Aug 2011) (a popular article that I transcribed from Devon Notes and Queries, Volume IV, Part VI, April 1907)

770 pageviews - Blake Newsletter, Volume 5, Issue 4, 2016 (28 Sep 2016) (included an article on Richard le Blak of Rouen who came to England circa 1274)

751 pageviews - H11 haplogroup (5 Nov 2013) (this is a particularly sought after article with nearly 300 members in the H11 project at FT DNA)

649 pageviews - Happy New Year (1 Jan 2016)

642 pageviews - Unknown Taylor (23 Dec 2015) (love it that this article is in the top ten; it would be fun to discover for sure more about my great grandmother Ellen (Taylor) Buller)

634 pageviews - First DNA Circle at AncestryDNA (3 Mar 2016) (I now have two DNA Circles!)

629 pageviews - Banns at North Molton 1844 to 1850 (19 Sep 2011)

625 pageviews - 52 Ancestor Challenge (10 Jan 2016)


United States 161098 pageviews (Blake articles are particularly sought after I suspect)

Germany          66416 pageviews

Russia               45517 pageviews (about 10 percent of the members of the H11 project live in present day Russia)

United Kingdom 30993 (not surprising given my 100% English ancestry)

Canada                25131 (Blake articles again I suspect)

France                 16140 (I have done some work on our son in laws French Canadian ancestry)

China                   10029

Australia                 7706 (Blake again perhaps but also shared English ancestry)

Ukraine                    6838 (H11 - about 2% of the H11 haplogroup members are from the Ukraine)

Sweden                    2145 (H11 - about 5% of the H11 haplogroup members are from Scandinavia)

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