Saturday, May 12, 2018

Christopher Buller

Christopher Buller has been a brick wall for simply ages, I found him as the father of my Henry Christopher Buller back in the early years of my research (2006). But he was a mystery; a cousin in England directed me to a will of Henry Beard and then I discovered Mary his wife was actually Mary Beard daughter of Henry Beard. Little bits and pieces emerged through the years but never a conclusive answer to the birth of Christopher Buller. His death gave me the year 1762-1763 as his possible birth years and but looking around the time period still yielded no answers.

The entry of DNA into studies changed how I looked at my ancestry. With five siblings tested (myself included), we all showed some Germany ancestry - not a huge amount but an interesting amount. Enough that one could look at a 3x great grandparent or a 4x great grandparent and wonder if this individual had emigrated to England at some point in his/her life. On paper I look 100% English with all known ancestors having been born in various counties in England that led to my five waves of emigration to Canada (Cumberland first in 1818 (my 3x great grandparents and my 2x great grandmother), then East Riding of Yorkshire in 1832 (my 2x great grandfather), followed by Devon/Somerset in 1850/51 (my 2x great grandparents and great grandfather) and much later in 1908 from Birmingham, Warwickshire (my maternal grandmother) and then finally in 1913 from Hampshire (my father and his parents). But I had no ideas on the German ancestry that was coming up in our ethnicities (matches with individuals in Germany who had 100% German ancestry going back many generations).

A DNA match with my fourth cousin once removed came up lately on Ancestry and he matched one brother and one sister rather nicely for a fourth cousin but no match with another brother or myself but neither of us inherited strongly from Buller (my maternal grandmother's maiden name). He sent me the banns of the marriage of Christopher Buller and Mary Beard which are now on ancestry. It is months since I searched any of my lines so must get back to that obviously!

A search once again on Christopher Buller and 1763 (plus or minus two years) led to me to an interesting result:

Johann Christopher Buller born 20 Aug 1762 at Pampow, Mecklenburg, Deutschland son of Clas Buller and Lena Greth Bartelsen. They had married 3 Jul 1757 at Pampow Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Clas Buller died 12 Apr 1784 in Pampow. Lena Greth Bartelsen was baptized 28 Feb 1737 at Holthusen Mecklenburg-Scherwin. She died 7 Oct 1786 at Pampow. Her parents were said to be Johan Friedrich Bartels and Gret Groth (daughter of Hanss Groth and Trin Pruessmann).

A tree on My Heritage is managed by Jurgen Nehmzow and I have written to him. He does not have a marriage for Christopher on his site although does have 2305 people in his tree. This would be truly amazing if I have actually broken down this rather long standing brickwall. For me it is just about a dozen years but for other researchers it is fifty years and more since they have begun their research.

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