Sunday, May 20, 2018

DNA Painter

I embarked on a new project whilst in the midst of this busy time mostly because it was doable wherever I was. All I needed was my matches and access to the website which is a real treat.

I decided to put in all the matches that I knew whether I could trace them back to paternal or maternal or the actual set of ancestors. It is easy to "turn them off" in this new piece of software. I painted 179 segments.

My painted matches:

I have a few cousins that I have been able to identify as can be seen in the colours above other than pink.

Removing the unknown, unknown is amazingly easy yielding these matches. A number of them are coincident (i.e. more than one person at a particular location). This piece of software has proven to be most interesting:

I am still working  on using these charts to predict the ancestral line. I have had a couple of successes simply because there was no chance of the individual not being descendant of a particular line.

I still continue working on the phasing of my grandparents although it has been put on the back burner for a little longer.

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