Monday, May 28, 2018

Pincombe-Pinkham newsletter will be published on time

I have managed to put together the Pincombe-Pinkham Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 3 on time and will be publishing it on the 1st of June.

The yDNA study for Pincombe is proving to be rather interesting and I would eventually like to discuss it in the Newsletter. Lately on the News Feed for the project there has been mention that the yDNA carried by the Bishops Nympton/North Molton line matches the Bideford/Barnstaple line. This linkage is likely, as far as I can determine, back in the 1500s. My 10x great grandparents William Pincombe married to Emotte Snow had nine children (seven sons and two daughters). I am only able to trace three of these sons down (Richard is my ancestor, the fourth son). The Pincombe family at Bideford/Barnstaple is tracing back to the latter part of the 1500s in that area. I can not relate this family to the Bishops Nympton/North Molton line on paper but the yDNA is picking up the relationship between the two lines.

The earlier researchers had produced 16 charts in total which I am slowly publishing in the newsletter with the caveat that I have not checked all of this work and I have found discrepancies.

The yDNA results have shown that not all of the descendants of Pincombe/Pinkham are related.

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