Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Newsletters on the FT DNA Website

The Blake Newsletter, Pincombe Newsletter and H11 Newsletter are now only available on the FT DNA website to members of the group. Because of the need to comply with privacy laws the copy of the Newsletter on my blog is generic removing any possibility of recognition of an individuals results (i.e. mutations are masked unless they are in the Control Area - Coding Area mutations are not mentioned other than in a generic way).

I am surprised that I have actually managed to keep up with the Newsletters this past year. Next year should be easier and hopefully back full-time working away on our Family Story, DNA and transcription. I was surprised to discover that I could still read the old handwriting quickly after a period of time away! I would like to complete the Wills that I have in my possession. Once done I will look again at what I can accomplish in the Blake and Pincombe one-name studies.

I am always looking for people interested in picking up these studies (in conjunction with me until I step back from them).

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