Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Charlotte Rawlings - Enford Wiltshire

I have been a member of Genes Reunited for five years now and I have found this particular website to be an excellent tool for my genealogy pursuits. I have met descendants of all but one of my 2x great grandmother Elizabeth Pincombe née Rew on this site and that is amazing in itself because everything that I knew about Elizabeth Rew had her origin as Devon England. In reality she was born at Selworthy Somerset and finding her birth/baptism at Selworthy opened up an entire line of Somerset people. The pieces for this family came together quickly and very soon I was finding fourth cousins online. All of them continue to live in England. My 2x great grandmother was not keen on emigrating and once here was totally unwilling to go back. You can hardly blame her as her brother in law Thomas Pincombe, his wife and six children all drowned on the Bark John when the ship was headed for a new life in London, Ontario Canada.

The Pincombe family leaving Devon I have discussed a short while ago and suffice it to say they would still be there but for that I strongly suspect. On the other side of that, the Pincombe families here are very Canadian and would find it strange to think that they might not be here :)

Today on Genes Reunited I heard from a descendant of George Rawlings who was a brother to my Elizabeth Rawlings. He had traced back to George and found his eldest and only daughter Charlotte. Being an unusual name and finding it also on my tree in his searches he wrote to me. He would be my third cousin and for me that is always a big deal. I do not have any first cousins and very few second cousins so a third cousin feels very close. However, that is unlikely the case with this individual as I found with my other third cousins as they have a multitude of second and often many first cousins. Visiting my second cousin in Dorset three years ago was an exciting event for me and having corresponded with him for over 20 years we enjoyed meeting. It is lucky we did do so as he passed away just this past year.

The Rawlings family contains my one illegitimate line - my paternal grandmother was illegitimate although she was raised by her natural mother who had married when she was six years old to William Taylor. William was not my grandmother's father however. My grandmother's name may give a clue to her actual father in that her second middle name was Cotterill and there was only one Cotterill family in the village that they lived in. However, to prove that I would need a descendant of that family to verify it or perhaps a family finder result that might help to tie in to the Cotterill family and indeed I do have one that could be as close as my second cousin.

I wrote back to the Rawlings descendant to share my tree with him and he will have a few surprises as our mutual 3x great grandfather George Lywood was a Waterloo Veteran as a member of the 23rd Regiment of Foot now known as the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. I have a picture of William Rawlings and Elizabeth Lywood his wife and I forgot to tell him that so when he writes back I will let him know that. He is descended from one of the younger sons of George. I do not know if he is in Australia; some of George's sons went to Australia.

I have now begun my scanning as that fits well into my gardening schedule. I had to do a schedule so that I would be able to do all the items that need doing. Today is a very warm one but I have already worked up the one bed that I wanted to and cut the grass. Tonight when it is cooler I will trim and with this heat the grass will probably not grow much for another week or more.

We took on our daughter and son in law's two bunnies to care for them for the next two years. It just isn't possible for them to look after them as well as the dogs for the moment. One is a Lop Bunny and the other is a Lion Bunny. They get along extremely well and have a large playpen cage to spend their days and nights in. We let them run once a day in the stairs area - just close off all the rooms that lead into the hallways. They are having great fun running up and down the stairs and then back into their cage for a good feast and a long rest. With this heat and their fur it is as well that we are air conditioned. We bought our air conditioner about twenty years ago for our rabbit Peter who lived to be ten years old. These bunnies are young still - 2 years and 4 years old only.

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