Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Finder

Family Finder results have come in for one of my brothers and he has ended up with myself as his closest match and three other individuals who are 2 - 4th cousin. Although I have these matches as well they are at the 4-distant cousin match level. One I do not have at all. I have downloaded everything to excel so that I can compare our results. Of the 500,000 SNPS tested we match on  almost all of them. He is #3 child and I am #4 child although that doesn't particularly make any difference except my parents were just two years older when I was born.

Eventually I want to test my youngest brother and see the differences. My older brother looks very like my Dad and my younger brother looks very like my paternal grandfather. I am curious what his results will be like.

Interestingly for the Population analysis I come up as 92% Orcadian and 8% Ukranian/MiddleEast. His population analysis was 89% French, Orcadian, Spanish and 11% Southeastern European. I look like my paternal grandfather's sisters apparently although when I look at the picture of my paternal grandmother I think that I look somewhat like her as well.

We continue to match many people who have German ancestry (and recent) so I am still left to wonder about the parents of Christopher Buller who was born circa 1763 and I have absolutely no idea who his parents were. The parish registers of St Olave Bermondsey are not available in this time period. He is buried there as was his first wife and two infant children who died. The interesting part is that the burial yard was closed in 1830 but Christopher Buller appears in the burial register in 1832. Somewhat confusing and I hope to be able to resolve that one day.

The Buller family is well documented in England but I do not know if and how I fit into this family. The name Christopher Buller is found in the Somerset Buller family that moved to Bermondsey in the early 1800s. Are they related? I am unable to resolve that relationship but will continue checking all references.

My great uncle Edwin Denner Buller born in 1888 was the last of this particular Buller family and he did not marry - no male Buller children are descendant of Christopher Buller as far as I know thus far. My great grandfather (father to Edwin Denner Buller) Edwin Denner Buller was born in 1850 but he had several brothers. The eldest was Henry but his only son died at the age of 1 year. His other brother Clement Charles last appears in South Africa working as a jeweller and I wonder if the South African Buller family is descendant of Clement. Perhaps I shall be lucky one day and they will test on Family Finder. Christopher Buller was my 3x great grandfather, his son Henry Christopher Buller my 2x great grandfather and Edwin Denner Buller my great grandfather so I am probably looking at their being my 3rd cousins. However, I have long generations in this family. Christopher Buller was around 32 when he married and 42 when Henry Christopher Buller was born. Henry Christopher Buller was 45 when my great grandfather Edwin Denner Buller was born and 53 when Clement Charles Buller was born. My grandmother (Edwin Denner Buller's daughter) was 28 when my mother was born, my mother was 29 when I was born.

I do have 4th cousins in the Buller line (Emily Hemsley Buller married Isaac Debnam) and perhaps I can persuade one of them to do Family Finder just out of curiosity.

Altogether my brother has 55 matches on Family Finder and I have 43. Interesting really and I have written to a couple of them that overlap with my results. He is actually closer to one that I have corresponded with several times. We were unable to find a linking relative but I thought I would check again.

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