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Knight families at Spetisbury

Following yesterday's revelations on the Knight families at Spetisbury I decided to separate the families out from the transcription of the Knight family in the Spetisbury Parish Registers. I did not actually do this transcription but hope to be able to see the Spetisbury Parish Registers once Ancestry has added the earlier Dorset records to their site.

Using the extracted Parish Register information for Spetisbury and the OPC Dorset website for earlier marriages in the Knight family there I will build the family groupings.

Henry Knight married Mary Oliver 25 Dec 1727 at Spetisbury

Thomas Knight 
Henry Knight
David Knight baptized 2 May 1736

Henry Knight (Junior)  married Ann Holloway 6 Jun 1754 (father Henry Knight)
(data likely missing)
Henry Knight baptized 21 Mar 1764; buried 20 Sep 1773
Sarah Knight baptized 2 Feb 1766
Elizabeth Knight baptized 24 Feb 1768; buried 26 Feb 1768
David Knight baptized 20 May 1770
Henry Knight baptized 3 Apr 1774
David Knight baptized 27 Dec 1777

David Knight married Martha Butler 17 Feb 1756 (father Henry Knight)
John Knight baptized 2 Oct 1757
(Data likely missing)
William Knight baptized 5 Feb 1764
Thomas Knight baptized 13 Dec 1772
Henry Knight baptized 21 Nov 1773
Mary Knight baptized 26 Jan 1777
George Knight baptized 1 Oct 1778

Thomas Knight married Martha
Henry Knight baptized 26 Jan 1777
George Knight baptized 1 Oct 1778

John Knight married Elizabeth
Joseph Knight baptized ?; buried 4 Sep 1785
David Knight baptized 2 May 1784; buried 19 Jan 1786
Jane Knight baptized 1 Jan 1786; buried 31 Jan 1787
David Knight baptized 16 Dec 1787
Henry Knight baptized 1 Dec 1789; buried 21 Apr 1791
Jane Knight baptized 21 Apr 1791
Charlotte Knight baptized 3 Jun 1792
Mary Ann Knight baptized 7 Oct 1792
Harriet Knight baptized 3 Mar 1794; buried 13 Jan 1796
Henry Knight baptized 17 Sep 1795; buried 5 Jan 1796
Henry Knight baptized 25 Sep 1798

John Knight  married Ann Vincent 9 Jun 1783 (at Shapwick)

Joseph Knight baptized 24 Aug 1785
Eleanor Knight baptized 12 Dec 1786
Sophia Knight baptized 25 Sep 1789
Martha Knight baptized 8 Oct 1796
Maria Knight baptized Jan 1797 ?
John Knight baptized 30 Nov 1800

William Knight married Ann Ballet 23 Oct 1786 (Thomas Knight witness)
Charles Knight baptized 28 Jun 1789
Elizabeth Anne baptized 16 Oct 1791
James Knight baptized 3 Jul 1794
Jemima Knight baptized 13 Nov 1797

Thomas Knight married Elizabeth
Mary Ann Knight baptized 3 Jun 1792

Thomas Knight married Ann
Mary Knight baptized 30 Jan 1794
Ann Knight baptized 15 Dec 1795
Joseph Knight baptized 29 Apr 1798

William Knight (widower) married Sarah Loader 3 Nov 1798 (Henry Knight witness)
William Knight baptized 22 Sep 1799
James Knight baptized 11 May 1802
Hannah Knight baptized 22 Mar 1807
George Knight baptized 20 Aug 1809
Harry Knight baptized 24 May 1812

Henry Knight married Ann Holloway 13 Apr 1799
Benjamin Knight baptized 22 Mar 1799
Henrietta Knight baptized 11 Jan 1801
Mary Ann Knight baptized 26 Dec 1802
Eliza Knight baptized 21 Oct 1804
Eliz Knight baptized 25 Feb 1807
Jane Knight baptized 30 Oct 1808
George Knight baptized 1 Oct 1810

William Knight (widower) married Elizabeth Mitchell 8 Apr 1804 (Henry Knight witness)
David Knight baptized 16 Aug 1807
William Knight baptized 8 Oct 1810; buried 8 Oct 1810

Ellis Knight married Eleanor Knight 29 May 1804 (William Knight witness)
Ellis Knight baptized 27 Jul 1806
George Knight baptized 28 Jun 1808
Mary Ann Knight baptized 26 Nov 1809
Samuel Knight baptized 8 Nov 1811; buried 14 Jul 1823 (at Turnworth)
Maria Knight baptized 16 Feb 1814
Henry Knight baptized 28 Jan 1816
Elizabeth Knight baptized 30 Aug 1818 (at Turnworth)
Edward Knight baptized 12 Nov 1820 (at Turnworth); buried 8 Nov 1841 (at Turnworth)
John Knight baptized 18 May 1823 (at Turnworth)
Thomas Knight baptized 24 Apr 1825 (at Turnworth)
Samuel Knight baptized 25 May 1828 (at Turnworth and my 2x great grandfather)
Martha Knight baptized 21 Nov 1830 (at Turnworth)
George Knight b c 1831 (at Turnworth)

From the Militia Rolls of 1787 at Spetisbury there are the following Knight males listed:

John KNIGHT  bricklayer  1 child

John  KNIGHT  ?servant, bricklayer
Willm.  KNIGHT  bricklayer
There are two John Knight families at Spetisbury in 1787. John Knight married to Ann Vincent has two children (Eleanor was born at the end of 1786) and John Knight married to Elizabeth has buried all of their children with one born near the end of 1787. More evidence would be nice but it would appear perhaps that John Knight bricklayer with 1 child is the John Knight married to Ann Vincent. William Knight bricklayer would appear to be William married to Ann Ballet and later Sarah  Loader. William and Ann were married in Oct 1786 and did not have a child until after 1787.

This charting has been somewhat helpful but I still do not have a clear line back before John Knight since there are two John Knight families at Spetisbury in this time interval. Going through the burials might be helpful to see when these two men died - one John Knight was buried 17 Nov 1826 and by his age at death he is likely the John Knight baptized 2 Oct 1757 and the son of David Knight and Martha Butler but was he the husband of Ann Vincent. I shall need to re-examine the burial records for Spetisbury.

The other interesting item is my other 4x great grandfather William Knight married to Sarah Ellis 7 Aug 1775 at Winterborne Stickland. There really isn't any evidence to prove that this William Knight was ever living at Spetisbury. There was a William Knight son of David Knight and Martha Butler baptized 5 Feb 1764 but he is likely the William Knight who married Ann Ballet and then Sarah Loader and was a bricklayer at Spetisbury. Looking at the Winterborne Stickland records will be most interesting once they are available on Ancestry before 1813.

But again I do not know the history of the Knight family at Spetisbury prior to 1727 when Henry Knight married  Mary Oliver. My suspicion is that these two families are linked but I have no idea how far back - the naming of the 13 children of Ellis and Eleanor Knight is most interesting.

There was a John Knight who married Elizabeth Kebble 31 May 1778 at St Peters Shaftesbury Dorset. This is the location for the William Knight/Mary Dashwood marriage as well. There is a family lore that the Knight family were stone masons/bricklayers in Cann and gradually moved down to the Blandford Forum area from the mid 1600s on.

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