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Pincombe images from John Rylands University Library at the University of Lancashire

My two images have come quickly from the John Rylands University in Lancashire UK and I am very pleased with the result. I looked up John Rylands on wikipedia with the following resultant information gleaned:

"John Rylands (7 February 1801 – 11 December 1888) was an English entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He was the owner of the largest textile manufacturing concern in the United Kingdom, and Manchester's first multi-millionaire.

"After having learned to weave Rylands became a small-scale manufacturer of hand-looms, while also working in the draper's shop his father had opened in St Helens. He displayed a "precocious shrewdness" for retailing,[1] and in partnership with his two older brothers expanded into the wholesale trade. So successful were they that in 1819 Rylands' father merged his retail business with theirs, creating the firm of Rylands & Sons.[1] At its peak, the company employed a workforce of 15,000 in 17 mills and factories, producing 35 tons of cloth a day."

There is a much longer writeup on John Rylands in the article, I have quoted the lead paragraphs only.

The two images were of the Pincombe family at South Molton:

Formerly Phillipps MS. 31843, being lot 303 in the 1911 sale  RYCH/2890  April 3, 1605

Archival history:
[R. 77719]

An extent of all the manors, etc. of the late John Pincombe, gentleman,
inherited by his son and heir, John Pincombe the younger; taken at South
Molton, co. Devon, Parchment roll. Seal missing.

I have been trying to place the lines of this family in a correct historical timeline. There are four John Pincombe's in this line with the first being the son of the first Pincombe member at North Molton who arrived with Lord Zouch in 1485 according to the Visitation of Devon 1620 (original). This John Pincombe was likely born in the early 1500s and had died by 1571 at South Molton. According to the original Visitation of Devon 1620 he had two sons John and Christopher who both lived at South Molton. It is possible that the wife of this first John Pincombe was of the Dodderidge family. Her brother John was the father of Richard Dodderidge and his daughter Amy married the grandson of the first John Pincombe. However, I am still proving that line.

The document has a preamble which states that John Pincombe senior (this is the son of the first John Pincombe) died 18 Dec 1604 at South Molton at which time his son John was still alive. However in the time between death and probate John Pincombe junior also living at South Molton and married to Amy Dodderidge 17 Nov 1578 at Barnstaple has died with probate 13 Apr 1605. Hence the heir at law became the son of John Pincombe and Amy Dodderidge and this was again John Pincombe (a minor by the terms of the will) who was born 11 Feb 1584 at Barnstaple and he married Mary Carew. These two are the parents of Gertrude Pincombe who left the Pincombe Trust which included the properties listed on this "Extent of Manors" which was prepared to be attached to the Probate.

This now clarifies the descent of the Pincombe family in this line and with the son of John Pincombe and Mary Carew dying without heirs, the line became extinct in the Pincombe family. This was the armigerous line of the Pincombe family. Since the Coat of Arms was awarded in 1616 it must have been to John Pincombe married to Mary Carew but there does appear to be a discrepancy in that regard as the Coat of Arms appears to have been awarded in 1598 as well. Perhaps the original awarding was to John Pincombe as High Sheriff of South Molton (John Pincombe senior) and then in 1616 his grandson John applied to renew the Coat of Arms to himself and as the eldest and heir apparent of his grandfather he would inherit the right to bear the Coat of Arms bourne by his grandfather.

I shall transcribe the information at a later date but I am now satisfied that this line is correct although there is no mention of Christopher's line which was shown to be extinct on the charts of the earlier Pincombe study. Christopher himself had died by 1585 at South Molton but he appears to have left two sons John and William. William does appear to have an extended family which appears to be later found at Bideford. Only yDNA can really answer the lines of the Pincombe family found around the North Devon area and later much further afield.

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