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Will of Anne Buller, widow of Exeter - The National Archives PROB 11/1347/83, probated 16 Dec 1800

This next set of wills is for the Devon Buller family and for ease of transcription will be alphabetical beginning with Anne Buller, widow of Exeter whose will was probated 16 Sep 1800.

Anne Buller, widow, Exeter, PROB 11/1347/83, probated 16 Sep 1800
Dame Susan Buller, widow, Churston Court, PROB 11/1517/130, probated 3 Dec 1810
Husey Buller, wife, Downes, PROB 11/945/349, probated 20 Feb 1769
James-1 Buller, Kings Nympton, PROB 11/908/371, probated 23 May 1765
James-2 Buller, Downes, PROB 11/975/309, probated 3 Mar 1772
James-3 Buller, Downes, PROB 11/1731/161, probated 10 Oct 1827
Mary Buller, Honiton, PROB 11/1011/73, probated 6 Sep 1775
William-1 Buller, Surgeon, Honiton, PROB 11/894/43, probated 15 Dec 1763
William-2 Buller, Exeter, PROB 11/1541/14/probated 1 Feb 1813

There are a variety of wills here (some again very long) which may provide information on my Buller family. I do not know if all of these wills are for individuals who descend from the Cornwall line although definitely James Buller of Downes is a descendant of the Cornwall family.

James Buller of Downs (died 1765) was the son of John Francis Buller and Rebecca Trelawny. He married first Elizabeth daughter and coheir of William Gould of Downes (she died 1742) and their single child was James Buller who left his will in 1772. His second wife was Lady Jane Bathurst and their sons included John-2 Buller of Morval and Sir Francis Buller, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (of whom more later). The will for the James Buller dying in 1765 is perhaps the James Buller at Kings Nympton. I have listed below the Buller wills on Genuki for Devon. There are quite a few that would have been rather interesting but all of these were lost during the bombing of the Exeter Record Office in WWII. Some are still available located in other documents and if I find that I am still pursuing the Buller family of my own following all of this transcription I may yet look at these to see if I can find other documents that might help me. Again Christopher was born circa 1763.

List of Wills from Genuki Devon for the Buller family:

Buller                 [DEV?]           17C     W     ab           PWDRO-A     1/642/66     17th century page from a draft will
Buller           [Plymouth?]     [DEV?]           17C     W     ab           PWDRO-C     1/642/66     page from a draft will
Buller     Anna Sophia     Exeter     DEV     widow     1845     W     co     PCC     PROB11     2010    
Buller     Anne     Exeter     DEV     widow     1800     W     co     PCC     PROB11     1347    
Buller     Anne     Exmouth [Littleham (near Exmouth) or Withycombe Raleigh]     DEV     widow     1851     W     co     PCC     PROB11     2128    
Buller     Anthony     St Dominick     CON           1680     W     le     EPRE     SOG     Glencross Index    
Buller     Audley Cecil     Crediton     DEV           1894     W     co           DRO-W     2065 M/F2/7     also of Mexico
Buller     Audley Cecil     Downes [Crediton]     DEV           1894     W     co           DRO-A     2065M/F2/7     2 copies, copy will; (pr. in Mexico)
Buller     Charles Reginald                       1879     W     ab           MUR1     Vol. 4    
Buller     Emma H                       1845     W     co           DRO-W     2065 M/F3/7    
Buller     Emma H. (Miss)           [DEV?]           1845     W     co           DRO-A     2065M/F3/7     will
Buller     Francis     Dartmoor     DEV     judge     1800     W     co     PCC     PROB11     1345     of the Court of Common Pleas
Buller     Francis     Launceston     CON     esquire     1615     O     ab           TAPS     13 James. I. Ser. II. Vol. 356 (108)     Inquisition post Mortem; See also Ser.II. Vol.105 (5), Richard Buller
Buller     Francis (Sir)     London     LND           1800     W     co           DRO-W     1496 M/Settlements 2    
Buller     George William     Ipplepen     DEV           1846     W     co     PCC     PROB11     2029    
Buller     Georgiana     Exmouth [Littleham (near Exmouth)]     DEV           1875     W     co           DRO-W     2065 M/F2/8    
Buller     Gertrude     Torquay [Tormoham]     DEV     widow     1849     W     co     PCC     PROB11     2102    
Buller     Husey     Downes [Crediton]     DEV     wife     1769     W     co     PCC     PROB11     945    
Buller     Husey     [Downes, Crediton?]     DEV           1768     I     co           DRO-A     2065M/E6/1     inventory; wife of James Buller
Buller     J W     [Downes, Crediton?]     DEV           1861     W     co           DRO-A     2065M-1     will
Buller     James     Cliffden, Teignmouth     DEV           1879     W     co           DRO-W     DD.59829    
Buller     James     Crediton     DEV           1772     W     co           DRO-W     2065 M/F2/10    
Buller     James     Downes [Crediton]     DEV           1772     W     co     PCC     PROB11     975    
Buller     James     Downes [Crediton]     DEV           1827     W     co     PCC     PROB11     1731    
Buller     James     Downes [Crediton]     DEV           1827     W     co     PCC     MISC     Berkshire RO - Miscellaneous Unofficial Collections, Cat. No. 7 Ref. D/EX 636/34     office copy of the will
Buller     James     Downes [Crediton]     [DEV]           1843     W     ab           PWDRO-W     1276/113     abstract of will and settlement
Buller     James     [Downes, Crediton?]     DEV           1772     I     co     COC     DRO-A     2065M/E6/2     inventory of goods and furniture
Buller     James     Kings Nympton     DEV           1765     W     co           DRO-W     2065 M/F2/9    
Buller     James     Kings Nympton     DEV           1765     W     co     PCC     PROB11     908    
Buller     James     Kings Nympton     DEV     esquire     1765     W     ab     PCC     DRO-U     5331 [Box 12264]     names son John Buller as executor; mentions codicil; no other details
Buller     James     Plymouth     DEV     seaman, R.N.     1803     W     le           NAVY     ADM 142/2, f. 208     H.M.S. "Belliquence"; executor - Jenny Buay, wife; [NB - 'Place' shows executor's abode]
Buller     James     Shillingham     [CON]           c1710     W     ab           DRO-A     2065M-4/F42     petition, quoting will
Buller     James     Shillingham [Saltash]     CON     esq     1716     O     or           PWDRO-A     69/M/3/157     case and opinion by Thomas Lutwyehe re: the will
Buller     James Howard     Crediton     DEV           1874     W     co           DRO-W     2065 M/F2/11    
Buller     James Wentworth     Downes [Crediton]     DEV           1831     W     co           DRO-W     2065 M/F1/4    
Buller     John     Exeter     DEV     gentleman     1560     W     co     PCC     PROB11     43    
Buller     John     Exeter     DEV     the elder; gentleman; alderman     1560     W     ab     PCC     MUR1     Vol. 4; two copies     'duplicate'
Buller     John     Exeter     DEV           1827     W     co           IRW     B 1778    
Buller     John     Winkleigh     DEV           1723     [W?]     le     BARN     BECK          
Buller     Laurence     City of Exeter     DEV           1562     A     co     PCC     JHA     Glencross Vol 1 - 6 November 1562    
Buller     Louisa     Cliffden, Teignmouth     DEV           1860     W     co           DRO-W     DD.59828    
Buller     Margaret     Okehampton     DEV     widow     1576     O     ab           TAPS     18 Eliz. Ser. II. Vol. 173 (22)     Inquisition post Mortem
Buller     Mary     Honiton     DEV           1775     W     co     PCC     PROB11     1011    
Buller     Mary     Keverall     CON           1722     A     co           DRO-A     2065M-8/F6/2     admon (detached from will)
Buller     Mary     Keverall     CON     widow     1722     W     co           DRO-A     2065M/F2/12     will; widow of John Buller
Buller     Mary     Keverall [St Martin by Looe]     CON           1722     W     co           DRO-W     2065 M/F2/12    
Buller     Mary     Keverall [St Martin by Looe]     CON     widow     1722     A     co           DRO-A     2065M-9/F6/2     admon (detached from will) of will
Buller     Mary     Keverall [St Martin by Looe]     CON     widow     1722     A     co           DRO-W     2065 Madd8/F6/2     admon
Buller     Peter     Egloshaile [Egloshayle]     CON           1697     W     ab     ECCE     VIV     Vol 2, f. 201     will made at Pelynt?
Buller     Richard     Colyton     DEV     clerk and vicar     1807     A     ab     EPRE     DDR1     IR 26/333    
Buller     Richard     Lanrack [Landrake]     CON           1555     O     ab           TAPS     2-3 Ph. & Mary Ser. II. Vol. 105 (5)     Inquisition post Mortem
Buller     Richard     Tavistock     DEV           1555     O     ab           TAPS     2-3 Ph. & Mary Ser. II. Vol. 109 (20)     Inquisition post Mortem; See also Ser.II. Vol.105 (5), Richard Buller
Buller     Richard     Winkleigh     DEV           1725     W     le     BARN     BECK     A.    
Buller     Robert     Exeter     DEV           c1578     O     ab           MOGT     Series 1, p. 31     cause of proof of will between Gentile Buller and Gilbert Dennys
Buller     Susan     Churston Court [Churston Ferrers]     DEV     widow     1810     W     co     PCC     PROB11     1517    
Buller     Thomas     Exeter St David     DEV           1826     W     co           IRW     B 1779    
Buller     Thomas     Staple Fitzpayn     SOM     gentleman     1568     W     ab     PCC     MUR1     Vol. 4     1 Sheffeld
Buller     Thomas Wentworth     Strete Ralegh [Whimple]     DEV           1852     W     co     PCC     DRO-A     48/22/21     probate of the will
Buller     Thomas Wentworth     Strete Ralegh [Whimple]     DEV           1852     W     co           DRO-W     48/22/21    
Buller     Thomas Wentworth     Strete Ralegh [Whimple]     DEV           1852     W     co     PCC     PROB11     2162    
Buller     Thomas Wentworth     Strete Raleigh [Whimple]     DEV     esq     1852     W     co     PCC     DRO-A     48/22/21     probate of the will
Buller     Thomasin     Ospringe     KEN           1677     W     co           DRO-W     2065 M/F2/13    
Buller     Thomasin     Ospringe     KEN     widow     1677     W     co           DRO-A     2065M/F2/13     will and probate; widow of Francis Buller
Buller     William     Exeter     DEV           1813     W     co     PCC     PROB11     1541    
Buller     William     Honiton     DEV     surgeon     1763     W     co     PCC     PROB11     894    
Buller     William     Honiton     DEV     surgeon     1765     W     co     ECC     MISC     ScotlandsPeople - CC8/8/120: CC000800008-00120-00072     Testament Testamentar
Buller     John     Exeter     [DEV]     the elder; gentleman     1560     W     co     PCC     JHW     56 Mellershe    
Buller     Robert     Exeter     [DEV]     gentleman     1577     W     co     PCC     JHW     35 Daughty    
Buller     Robert     Exon [Exeter]     [DEV]     gentleman     1577     W     co     PCC     JHW     28 Daughty     sentence
Buller(?)     Richard     Devon     DEV     esq     1556     W     co     PCC     JHW     F.6 Ketchyn     Cornwall; died in London

This will for Anne Buller was probated in 1800 and she lived at Exeter. She was widowed at the time of writing the will and names her children Susanna Catherine, Richard and Georgiana. She then also names her daughter Ann married to James Buller of Downes. According to the Visitation this Anne was the daughter of the Bishop of Exeter. James Buller and Anne Buller married 6 Jun 1791. Working back in the visitation this Anne is the daughter of William who married Anne Thomas daughter of the Right Reverend John Thomas, D.D. Bishop of Winchester 19 Apr 1762. This William is a son of John Francis Buller and Rebecca Trelawyn. William was a brother to James Buller who was married to Elizabeth Gould and hence they were first cousins. The Anne Buller testator of this will is the daughter of the Bishops of Winchester, the Right Reverend John Thomas, D.D.

Unfortunately the Visitation does not follow all of the children of William and Anne Buller (parents of Anne Buller married to James Buller of Downes). Only Susanna Catherine is mentioned and she married Admiral Sir John Duckworth Baronet, GCB, MP.

Richard Buller married Anna Sophia Marshall and he was the vicar at Colyton, Devon apparently according to an online tree. Their children were Anna Sophia Buller and William Buller (Anna born 26 Oct 1801 and William born 22 Nov 1803). This line then does not lead to my Christopher as Richard would be a contemporary of his having been born circa 1776 as was Georgiana his sister who was also not followed down in the Visitation.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 6 Feb 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/1347/83
Testator: Anne Buller, widow
Place: Exeter, Devon, England
Date of document: 16 Dec 1797, probated 16 Dec 1800
Read: Electronic copy images
Document quality: 18th century English, legible copy

 [Margin]: Anne Buller

1    This is the last Will and Testament
2    of me Anne Buller of the City of Exeter Widow
3    as to all and singular my Messuages Tenements
4    and Lands whatsoever Freehold leasehold Goods
5    Chattels Monies in the Funds securities for
6    Monies and all other my real personal and
7    testamentary Estate and Effects whatsoever and
8    wheresoever of which I shall die possessed seized
9    or intitled unto Subject to the payment of my
10    just debts and funeral Expences I give devise
11    and bequeath the same and every part thereof
12    unto and between my beloved children Susanna
13    Catherine Richard and Georgiana and their
14    several heirs Executors and Administrators to
15    be equally divided between them share and
16    share alike as Tenants in Common and not as
17    joint Tenants provided that if the real and
18    personal property and Effects of which I shall
19    die seized or possessed be more than sufficient
20    to pay my said three children the sum of four
21    thousand pounds each after discharging my just
22    debts and Funeral Expences Then and in such case
23    I do hereby direct and my express will is that
24    the overplus or Surplusage of my said Real and
25    personal property and effects after payment to
26    my said three children of the Sum of Four
    [Page 2]
27    thousand pounds each as aforesaid and my said debts
28    and funeral Expences shall be equally divided and
29    shared between my said three Children Susanna
30    Catherine, Richard and Georgiana and my beloved
31    daughter Anne Buller wife of James Buller of
32    Downes Esquire and their several
33    heirs Executors and Administrators as Tenants in
34    Common and not as joint Tenants and I do hereby
35    make nominate constitute and appoint my said three
36    children Susanna Catherine Richard and Georgiana
37    Executors of this my last Will and Testament And it
38    is my Will and desire that the said James Buller
39    shall have the sole Management and direction of
40    the Charity called Maynards Charity and I do hereby
41    as far as I lawfully can vest in line the sole
42    Management and direction thereof In Witness whereof
43    I the said Anne Buller have to this my last Will
44    and Testament contained and written on one sheet
45    of paper set my hand and Seal the sixteenth day of
46    December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven
47    hundred and ninety seven Anne Buller Signed
48    sealed published and declared by the said Ann Buller
49    as and for her last will and Testament in the presence
50    of us who at her request in like presence and in the
51    presence of each other have hereunto subscribed
52    our Names as Witnesses Samuel Davis Thos
53    Turner Attorney at Law Exeter John Suxin his Clerk
54    This Will was proved at London the sixteenth
55    day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand
56    Eight hundred before the Right honourable Sir
57    William Wynne Knight Doctor of Laws Master
58    keeper or Commissary of the prerogative Court of
59    Canterbury lawfully constituted by the Oaths of the
60    Reverend Richard Buller Clerk the son and Catherine
61    Buller and Georgiana Buller spinsters the daughters
62    of the deceased and the Executors named in the said
63    Will to whom Administration of all and singular the
64    Goods Chattels and Credits of the said deceased was
65    granted they having been first sworn by Commission
66    duly to administer.

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