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Will of Richard Buller Esquire of Shillingham - The National Archives PROB 11/422/262, probated 1 Sep 1694

When this Richard Buller dies and leaves his estate to Francis and James Buller (sons of his brother Francis), I am left to think he is the last of his line save his two nephews. Later James died as the last in the line and the properties of this branch passed to John Buller of Morval and he was a younger brother of Sir Richard. However there are a couple of lines not accounted for in the Visitation. Can one assume that they have died out? Possibly not because Francis was the next eldest to Sir Richard followed by John (Mathew appears to have died). I have one line to keep an eye on in the future but I may have answers to that by the next couple of wills in Cornwall.

It really isn't unusual that so many of them did not marry. There was no advantage to them in marrying if they did not have sufficient property to bring up their children in the style to which they were accustomed. However, with the advent of America in the 1600s younger sons could and did go there to make their fortune and even earlier they were involved with the trading companies.

No answers yet on my Buller line but then they are in London in the 1760s and I have not yet reached that time period with these wills.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 5 Feb 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/422/262
Testator: Richard Buller
Place: Shillingham, Cornwall, England
Date of document:  8 Apr 1686, probated 1 Sep 1694
Read: Electronic copy images
Document quality: 17th century English, legible copy

 [Margin]: Richardi Buller

1    In the name of God Amen
2    Richard Buller of Shillingham in the County of Cornwall Esquire
3    doe make constitute and ordaine this my last Will and Testament
4    in manner following First I bequeath my soul to my blessed Lord
5    and Saviour in hopes of obtaining a Life Everlasting my Body
6    to the Earth to bee Buried as my Executor hereafter shall appoint
7    I give to my Sister Russell Twenty pounds to my Sister Herle
8    Twenty pounds Item I give to my Nephew James Buller Twenty
9    pounds Item I give all my Goods and Chattells Deeds Sum[m]e and Sum[m]s
10    of money to mee owing or due unto my Nephew Francis Buller
11    and I make and constitute Sir Walter Moyle Knight to bee my
12    Executor but In Trust for the use and benefit of my said Nephew
13    Francis and if hee shall happen to dye before his Age of Eighteene
14    yeares then In Trust for my said Nephew James and if both of
15    Them shall happen of my said Nephews to dye before their
16    respective Ages of Eighteene then the said Sir Walter to bee in
17    Trust for my Neice Katherine Buller to whom I give five
18    pounds Item I give to my Cussin Margarett Hals to my Cossin
19    Thomazin and Anna Buller to each of them Tenn pounds to
20    buy them Mourning Item I give unto my Lady Maynard
21    Twenty pounds to my Sister Adams Tenn Guineas I give to
22    John Wipple and Joan his Wife to same of them Five pounds
23    to my Man Thomas Millers I give five pounds In Witness
25    whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seale this Eight
26    day of Aprill in the second yeare of King James the Second
27    Annoqz d[omi]ni One Thousand six hundred Eighty Six Richard
28    Buller Signed Sealed and published in the presence of
29    John Buller James Burdwood Ivan Tutnill

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