Sunday, March 17, 2013

1000th Post

A poignant moment in time for me as I publish my 1000th post on what was to be my historical memory that I would use to remind me of particular items that I had worked through in the past.

This is now my fifth year of blogging (my blog began following our trip to Salt Lake City in 2008) and I have found it quite valuable to me. I have looked back at items that I have worked on but primarily to make my blog more meaningful to those who have decided to follow me and all those who have decided to read my blogs which on occasion are rather lengthy (hence the references back within the blog although I too find them meaningful).

I hope that others have found my information useful to them and I have appreciated the twenty five comments that have come back to me. Several of them broke down brick walls for me or at least errors that had crept into the ascentry of a couple of my lines that were published. I have been able to assist others with their linking back.

As I complete the Buller wills and return once again primarily to my Blake and Pincombe one name studies, I will be quite content to be doing my daily rotation through my families and those of our son in law as I assemble records and collect copies of records (limited to two hours per day). They are more of a housekeeping routine as tracing back our son in laws family has been fairly straightforward although still a few brick walls (shared by others apparently). For my own "other" family lines I remain interested but have decided not to pursue them as actively as I once did where any particular day might see me look at seven or eight different lines. Although interesting I was finding that I really needed to go to the record office in England for each of those lines. Perhaps one day I may do that for some of them but for the moment my work will be to transcribe the material that I have collected for them making that available for people in that particular family grouping to either eliminate my line from their research or join me in trying to push it back further.

St Patrick's Day has come once again and it always signals spring to me but I can walk on the metre high snow in our back yard so that is with us awhile yet. Perhaps one big change in my life through all of this information gathering is realizing that my 100% English ancestry is becoming less defined and probably includes some Scot ancestry, some Irish ancestry, some French ancestry by yDNA and mtDNA studies and then all those matches that I have with people who have only Germany ancestry on my atDNA. There is much to come from genetic testing in the future. I think we have only lightly brushed the surface in that regard and I look forward to more information.

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JDR said...

Congratulation on the 1000th, I look forward to 1000 more .. and the end of the metre high snowpile.