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Butt family at Winterborne Stickland, Winterborne Clenstone and Spetisbury

My grandfather knew his great grandfather Charles Butt when he was a young boy. Charles was baptized 25 Dec 1801 at Winterborne Stickland and he was buried 7 Dec 1886 at Turnworth (both in Dorset). He was 85 years of age when he died and he had an 80th birthday party according to my Grandfather at Turnworth as my Grandfather attended it as a child. His memory was still fairly vivid as he remembered this white haired man who was the center of attention for his six living children and fourty four grandchildren. Josiah Butt (his second eldest son) had died as an infant and I have not yet discovered what happened to Nehemiah Butt the youngest son. Three of his children married three siblings of the Ellis and Eleanor Knight family (namely Thurza married Thomas, Abel married Martha and Louisa married Samuel).

What I didn't ask my grandfather when he talked about his Butt family was how he got to Turnworth from Upper Clatford but I guess it was probably by train. My grandfather loved trains and he worked as a blacksmith for the Southeastern Railway in England (lived at Eastleigh) and then for the Grand Trunk (later CNR) here in Canada (London, Ontario) from 1914 on.

Louisa Butt was my two times great grandmother and my father remembered the stories about Louisa except he thought she was born at Spetisbury. It was actually her mother Eleanor Knight that was born at Spetisbury and Louisa was born at Winterborne Stickland.  I think that my grandfather mentioned Eleanor Knight being from Spetisbury and he thought that his great grandparents Ellis Knight and Eleanor Knight were cousins. I still haven't been able to prove that conclusively but the search of the parish registers might help me with that.

Louisa Butt married Samuel Knight 7 Sep 1849 at Winterborne Stickland. They had eleven children including two sets of twins and buried all but four of them as infants and very young children. My great grandmother Maria Jane was their eldest child. The next daughter was Elizabeth baptized 24 Dec 1851 at Turnworth and she married Charles Swyer 30 Nov 1874 and they had one son Edward Brice Swyer who was born circa 1883 in London from the census. Mary Ann baptized 20 Oct 1853 at Turnworth was the next child and I do not have any further details for her. The next child was Eliza and she died as a young child less than two years of age. The last child to survive was Samuel Knight and he was baptized 5 Feb 1858 at Turnworth and married Catherine Crankshaw december quarter 1878 at Chorley, Lancashire. They had only one son Samuel born june quarter 1880 at Withnell, Lancashire. Maria Jane and her husband Edward Blake had twelve children of whom ten survived to adulthood. My grandfather was their third eldest.

Charles (father to Louisa Butt) married Hannah Arnold 26 Dec 1820 at Winterborne Clenstone. He was just 19 years of age and Hannah was almost 25 years of age. Charles was the son of John Butt and Jean Durnford who married 14 Oct 1800 at Winterborne Stickland. They had seven children which included five sons and two daughters with Bethaniah the youngest daughter dying as an infant. Charles was the eldest and along with his brother Robert they remained in England whilst the other three brothers emigrated with George and Stephen going to Australia and Joseph going to Canada. Most Butt families in Ontario and all the way west to British Columbia are descendant of Joseph Butt and his first wife Sarah Arnold  or his second wife Ann Trewin. Sarah died in childbirth shortly after they emigrated to Canada in 1841. Joseph and Sarah had eleven children (the last child also died) and Joseph and Ann had eight children. George Butt married Charlotte Barnes and they had nine children (first six born in England and the last three born in Australia). Stephen Butt married Martha Corke and they had ten children all born in Australia (five sons and five daughters). The Butt family is very large in Australia.

John (father of Charles Butt) was baptized 10 May 1776 at Winterborne Clenstone and the son of John Butt and Mary Rolles who were themselves married 9 Aug 1762 at Winterborne Clenstone and they had six children (four sons and two daughters with one son dying as an infant). I have only traced down John (my ancestor). John Butt was baptized 6 May 1736 at Winterborne Stickland and the son of William Butt and Susanna Foster who were themselves married 31 Jan 1728 at Winterborne Stickland. They had five children (three sons and two daughters with one son dying as an infant). William was baptized 28 May 1697 at Winterborne Houghton and the son of William Butt and Elizabeth Lemon who were themselves married 27 Jul 1696 at Winterborne Houghton. William was baptized 24 Aug 1665 at Winterborne Stickland and the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Butt. I do not have a marriage for this couple and that will be my project to go through the parish registers of Winterborne Houghton where Thomas was baptized 31 Mar 1622 the son of Robert Butt and Susan Cantrell who were married 13 Apr 1607 at Winterborne Stickland. That is as far back as I am able to go with the Butt line and I need to do both Winterborne Houghton and Winterborne Stickland as they lived at both places as well as Winterborne Clenstone. These places are all close to each other as we traveled to see all of them in 2008.

The Parish Registers are available on ancestry for Winterborne Houghton from 1550 to  1812. Probably working backwards is still the best way to look for Butt family entries.

1770. Banns of marriage between John New and Mary But both of this parish were published on the three Sundays underwritten: That is to say, On Sunday, the 29 of April, On Sunday the 6 of May, On Sunday the 13th of May by me Richard Lawrence Rector.

John New of this Parish and Mary Butt of the same married in this Church by Banns this 17th day of May in the year One thousand 7 hundred and 70 by me Richard Lawrence Rector This Marriage was solemnized between us John New, The mark of Mary Butt, In the presence of Jno Eford, Mary Seamane
John New and Frances Butt were married 20 Nov 1744
Robert Wellspring of the parish of Dewlish and Eliz: Butt of the parish of ___nton were married 25 Jul 1734
John But of Stickland and Elizabeth Thomas were married September 12th, 1719
William Butt and Elizabeth Lemon were married 27 Jul 1696

23 May 1786 Martha Butt, 74 years of age, buried Northwest side of the Church yard
1773 Mar 23 Elizabeth daughter of John and Mary New was buried
1777 19 Jun Mary, wife of John New was buried
1769 Frances New wife of John New buried
1748 Jan 14 William Butt was buried
1744 5 Dec Elizabeth Butt was buried
Susanna daughter of Francis But was buried 29 February 1714
Thomas son of William But was buried 6 Nov 1704
Elizabeth daughter of William and Elizabeth But was buried 3 Jun 1702
Elizabeth Butt widow was buried 15 May 1697

28 Dec 1777 John son of John and Mary New was baptized
24 Apr 1774 John, son of John and Mary New was baptized
4 Aug 1771 Elizabeth daughter of John and Mary New was baptized
1737 John son of John and Frances Butt was baptized June 6
Martha daughter of William Butt was baptized 8 June 1712
Susanna daughter of Francis But was baptized 15 Feb 1714
John son of William and Elizabeth Butt was baptized 14 Sep 1707
John son of Francis and Mary But was baptized 21 May 1705
Thomas son of William But was baptized 5 Nov 1704
Elizabeth daughter of William and Elizabeth But baptized 3 Jun 1702
Mary daughter of William and Elizabeth Butt was baptized 10 Sep 1700
William son of William and Elizabeth Butt baptized 28 May 1697

Extraction done from 1690 to 1812. Some part of the register are difficult to read. A few new items acquired.

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