Friday, April 19, 2013

Dove family at Woodford

Mary Dove mentioned yesterday was married to Thomas Rawlence at Woodford, Wiltshire 9 Dec 1807 and I would like to find further proof that this was indeed the Thomas Rawlins baptized 20 Sep 1783 at Enford. I have read through the Woodford parish registers and there are no entries of baptisms or burials for the Rawlins family which is a positive in this case. Woodford is ten miles south of Enford but given the tendency of these males to mary away from Enford - Jeremiah father of Thomas married at Tilshead and William Rawlins may have married at Wylye. So I do not discount this possibility.

I transcribed the Dove family members in the Woodford parish register when we were at Salt Lake City in 2008 and discovered a Robert Dove baptized 14 Apr 1793 at Woodford (buried 6 Aug 1793 also at Woodford) but that was the only baptism of a child at Woodford for William Dove and his wife Jane. A William Dove and Jane Morgan were married 1 Jan 1783 at Saint Thomas Parish Church, Salisbury. This is possibly the William Dove who was baptized 4 May 1755 at Woodford son of William and Mary Dove. A Mary Dove was buried 4 Jun 1787 at Woodford at 65 years of age giving her a year of birth circa 1722. William and Mary Dove baptized four children William Dove, Samuel Dove baptized 27 Mar 1757 at Woodford and buried there 29 Nov 1758, Ann Dove (daughter of William and Mary Dove) buried 30 Apr 1764 at Woodford and Robert Dove baptized 30 Apr 1763 at Woodford and buried there 30 Jul 1769. A Mary Dove (widow) was buried 30 Oct 1733 at Woodford. For William Dove (father of William Dove baptized 1755) no baptism found at Woodford and Susanna Dove buried at Woodford 14 May 1717.

Not sure where to proceed with the Dove family? I did read some of the parish registers around Woodford but note also that Rawlins was spelled Rawlence by the priest in the marriage at Woodford. Likely I need to continue trying to find Thomas Rawlins for sure and I need to continue looking for Rawlins/Rawlings entries in this area of Wiltshire.

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