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Feet of Fines - Stephen le Blake

Another interesting item from my searches of yesterday is from the Feet of Fines and is numbered CP 25/1/88/71, number 58 and deals with Hertfordshire and the date 17 Jun 1330.

CP 25/1/88/71, number 58.
Link:     Image of document at
County:     Hertfordshire.
Place:     Westminster.
Date:     Two weeks from Holy Trinity, 4 Edward III [17 June 1330].
Parties:     John, son of Stephen le Blake, the elder and Joan, his wife, querents, and Robert de Ludyngton', the vicar of the church of Ware, and John, son of Richard Asselyn, deforciants.
Property:     5 messuages, 257 acres of land, 12 acres of meadow [and] 31 shillings of rent in Ware, Honesdon' and Estwyk'.
Action:     Plea of covenant.
Agreement:     John, son of Stephen, has acknowledged the tenements to be the right of Robert, of which Robert and John, son of Richard, have 2 parts of the tenements of his gift.
For this:     Robert and John, son of Richard, have granted to John, son of Stephen, and Joan the 2 parts and have rendered them to them in the same court, to hold to John, son of Stephen, and Joan and the heirs of their bodies, of the chief lords for ever. And besides Robert and John, son of Richard, granted for themselves and the heirs of Robert that the third part of the tenements - which Cecily, who was the wife of Stephen le Blake, held in dower of the inheritance of Robert in the aforesaid vills on the day the agreement was made, and which after the decease of Cecily ought to revert to Robert and John, son of Richard, and the heirs of Robert - after the decease of Cecily shall remain to John, son of Stephen, and Joan and their aforesaid heirs, to hold together with the 2 parts, of the chief lords for ever. In default of such heirs, remainder to the right heirs of John, son of Stephen.

Standardised forms of names. (These are tentative suggestions, intended only as a finding aid.)
Persons:     Stephen le Blake, John le Blake, Joan le Blake, Robert de Luddington, Richard Asslin, John Asslin, Cecily le Blake
Places:     Ware, Hunsdon, Eastwick

This is a website of the O'Quinn Law Library of the University of Houston Law Center and they are under license of The National Archives of England. I have quoted the entry in its entirety because it is significant to the one name study of the Blake family and hence for my research and for the benefit of my readers who may not yet have come across this particular site. I shall further investigate this particular site and extract if possible the Blake entries from the Feet of Fines as available. I have seen this site earlier but the images themselves are available but not all are transcribed as above. It would be a very long term project but one that I will consider.

Stephen le Blake was mentioned yesterday in the record at The National Archives dated 1286 C 241/6/36 which was an Inquisition and return. Is this the same Stephen le Blake. It is his son John who is involved and it would appear that the wife of Stephen is Cecily Ludyington. Ware though is located in Hertfordshire. Stephen le Blake is referred to as the elder so perhaps John has a brother Stephen. Joan is the wife of John it would appear.

Whilst the Law Library of the University of Houston has the Feet of Fines documents on their website I should perhaps go through them one by one to see if there are any more Blake entries.

I need a break from transcription of wills as I have been at it for six months. The long days conflict with my reading microfiche for long periods of time. Gardening is starting to occupy some of my waking hours!

Yesterday we took our first bicycle ride and I can see that perhaps that too is going to eat into my genealogy time through the summer. 

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